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WWE 2K24: Finish Your Story (Official Info/Discussion Thread)

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I'm cautiously optimistic for this game; more so than i've been in a while. There's still a lot I don't like and I won't pretend otherwise, but implementation of a few features i've been pushing for for years makes me happy. I just hope that they've made fixing minor stiff a major priority since a lot of small issues built up over time.

Still need to see the new moves, the DLC plan, and CAW mode; but i'm hoping I can at least feel confident this game might somewhat measure up in terms of my experience to the older days.

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Punk definitely is gonna be DLC for the last pack.  It’s not impossible and like someone said it’s not like it’s Tegan or Emma. Punk would definitely be a selling point for some people and if MyFaction is any indication, they’d definitely want the money. 


I can definitely see AOP probably being DLC too. They’ve been on the roster what? almost two years? I feel like they got scanned.

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I'm curious to see if we get any big revelations/confirmations with this trailer. How many Showcase matches are 100% confirmed? I saw recently that Orndorff was officially debunked. Didn't someone from 2K say there was someone in the Showcase who has never been in a 2K game before? 

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6 hours ago, judas priest superstar said:

well this is where we might get a lot more answers about Showcase and the roster than we anticipated...or just a lot of smoke and mirrors (woahhh) and just what they want us to see at the moment.

I laughed at the "woah" more than I should have 


Anyways I don't expect much from the Showcase trailer, similar to the gameolay one, they will show things we already know while adding 2 matches we didn't know about and that's it.

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5 minutes ago, Senex Beast said:

Not bad and even sooner than I expected but I guess part of the summer sale deals the stores always do. Summer, Black Friday and Winter deals seem to be their biggest with the most discounts and games 

The summer sale will have the bigger discount 

If I am not mistaken we get 10-15% discount 2 months after release, then 25-30% during summer sale then 40-50% come Black Friday

Numbers might vary but that's the estimation 

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