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No, next month is Elimination Chamber, which is in Australia this year.

Last year there was Night of Champions in May and Crown Jewel in November, I assume there will be another two this year.

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The matches were ok, not mediocre, but not super amazing either.

I felt like Roman barely did nothing in his match.

I'm tired of Nia Jax eliminating half the competition every year. EVERY year the same song and dance with her, when there's Piper Niven which is much better than her, and Bronson Reed on the males side and barely got a single elimination. I don't understand why they keep continuously giving her so many eliminations. Happy for Bailey though, she has won it all at this point.

Also disappointed that it wasn't Jey the one to eliminate Jimmy, they literally started off the Rumble for the sake of the feud yet that overrated Breakker dude throws him out? Gee, I thought Triple H knew better. Happy for what Cody has achieved though, I was expecting either for Punk to win or both to win at the same time actually, but that's fine, I'd rather have Roman drop the title already.

Also both Rumbles full of modern star power, way to go!

Skipped Logan vs KO though. I'm not invested in the feud and sadly I find myself to be less and less invested in KO as time goes.

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