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Just B's ShowCaws [December Update]

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It's been way too long I must say. I dropped off here hard around the time of 2k19 . I was getting tired of making the same things over and over and over and not seeing new hair in that game was my nail in the coffin. But I may have got 2k22 and been on the sidelines making some new caws as well as some old ones just to get back in the groove. Now I got 2k23 and I feel like this will be my last year for making caws so to put it in an "Elite" way I'm All In.


Also, I formerly was known on here as Mr. 3000GT, so that's all the needed context for this. Anyway, here's three to start and they should be up at the time of this post. One thing I should add is that I'm trying to do more "casual" or "street" wear attires for the second attires just to help flesh out the characters and what they are about.


So first off here are some newcomers. New game, new era, newcomers. Ollie Rhodes is my new "main" character. Shingo from the King of Fighters Series is the inspiration. He's a skateboarder dude who sounds, looks and possibly acts like a douche yet he is liked by most people. His young upstart should lead to a bright future as long as he doesn't cross the wrong people. He likes to spin and roll his way around the ring as his movement is very unorthodox. His finishers are the Springboard Stunner and the Rolling Unprettier.  Most of his art was done with A.I except for his logo which is just the Birdhouse logo, but his.



Next up is Z.S.A. Zoya Symone Austin. I made her in 22 originally and she looked the exact same, sans some colors. But good god almighty the faces look so much better and it's so weird because I'm out here using Thr33X's face template, still. She has easily become a favourite of mine, I did change her body size a bit compared to the photos as I tested her out and she had more m(ass) than Nikkita Lyons. Her style is very beat you up and knock you down and, possibly choke you out. She uses a Discus Big Boot, which rarely discus's and a huge sit-out Powerbomb to end her opponents. Her second attire is heavily based off Vanessa Lewis from Virtua Fighter fame.



Last to open things up, but not least is one of my originals that I've been making since SVR 2007. Somehow age is a myth to this man though. Considering what he has been through he's got that anime power of never actually dying. Last he was seen his brother was out to end him once and for all before he did anything extremely stupid. Now he's survived his brother and who knows what happened there. But what's his gimmick? Why is he back is the question Anyway it's Yang Bao once more and I changed his hair again, the color too to make it make more since instead of his light brown hair it's much darker. Also new attire as well with a sweet entrance attire just to add to his mystique. His alt though is loosely based off characters like Shen Long from Bloody Roar and Shen Woo from King of Fighters.



Tags are: JustB, JustBCaws

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On 7/20/2023 at 1:43 AM, Rekka_No_Ryo said:

I like these caws. They have a unique look to them. Cool based off of fighting game CAWS

Thanks man!


Here's an update. A smaller update, I dislike doing the movesets, so it's easier to do the ones I already had the info at hand for.

So here's these two trained by another one of my caws. Trainer is based on Bret Hart so here's two Canadians that wrestle quite like that Hart Dungeon style. Ironically, none of them do the Sharpshooter hahaha

Tags are JustB and JustBCaws

So first up is Carolyn Cassidy. I seen that there was another Carolyn Cassidy uploaded on the board, so that's neat that there's now two of them. So I made a face texture using AI and made some textures, also using AI. So I haven't made her since 2017 so I'm really happy with how this turned out. This first attire here is the "classic" one as it's always the base look. This year is a little more unrelenting and a little more violent than she usually has been. The second attire is the goin' hiking leave me alone look, which is quite a common trait. She ain't big on company. The font on the logo was created by this Twitter/X user https://twitter.com/NakamangaHikari (NSFW)




So here's the other one, "The Idol" Violet Ivy


The evolution on this character has been huge. I actually tried making her in 2k22 and it looked, nothing, absolutely nothing like she turned out here. I'm a lot happier with this result. I added some blue and white to the color wheel and I feel it makes everything pop a lot more. Also a new face and new logo too. I really like how all the caws are turning out this year.


More will happen in the future

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Just dropping in to drop in some more original caws. I really spend my time just creating them and not playing...

All CAWS in this thread are uploaded online, and maybe more????

Tags are JustB, JustBcaws

Also, I post some works in progess every now and then on Twitt/X https://twitter.com/Mr_Just_B


First is a new-ish one. I originally made the concept back in WWE 2K16 but nothing ever came of it and it sat at the back of my neck, the back of my mind. I finally realized it in WWE 2K22 (never posted) but now in 2K23 he's better than ever. Meet "DALE" Taketora Aihara, the Redneck Suplex Machine. He looks like a redneck, but all he knows are suplexs. His second attire is just Mitsurugi cosplay from Soul Edge, which I think is some of my better work. He's a tad on smaller size, but clearly built. He also doesn't know when to quit which makes him quite a threat  




Next up is a more classic caw. I last re-made her in WWE 2k18, originally made in SVR 2010. This time around, I re-made her again. It's always a fun one to make simply because I feel it's more of a freedom while creating. It's good experimenting. I don't have her entrance attire here but it really made her look like a star. So her gimmick/playstyle is she's the butt of the joke. Her defense is very strong but her offence while not strong, is full of complicated maneuvers that I might find a bit over the top, ridiculous and convoluted. So here's Roxanne Rosso



Last up for these ones is Barrett. Usually my main caw and I really went all out this time. Though while I usually would make this caw first, I took a long ass while to get to him. I made a new face texture using ai and while it kept the original face shape, it almost felt off. On top of that every time I would get a new idea I would create more textures to use for him. There are textures that went unused because of all the ideas. Also switched up his finishers from Backslide Driver to the Omega Driver and the Clothesline From Hell to the Krossline. So I hope everyone enjoys


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Back again with a monthly update! I started writing things down, so I wouldn't get lost in what I had done versus what I had started etc, etc. 


So here is two new characters and two older, more violent characters. As always CAWS that are posted here are on the server when this post is out.


First up is a new "twin" named Alexander Phoenix. Somehow from Spain? Basically I was having a thinker about Zhang He from the Dynasty Warriors series and Vega (Balrog)(Claw) from Street Fighter and wonder'd why I didn't have a creation based on my own take of that. So here it is, only downside is this man feels like he is cursed. Burns and scars across his body and face due to some form of accident? However, he was "saved"?? I haven't really got the lore yet, but he thinks people are turning against him because his refusal to show his face. Though he can hit a nice Dropkick from just about anywhere 



Next up is the other new one Dr. Gu Cheng. This guy is a a real snake like Doctor, using absolutely 0% of his studies and teaching for good. Responsible for the creation and enhancements of quite a few characters. Mainly all the characters in this post. Please do not trust.1138270697_GuCheng.thumb.png.514154165201317c6bd4a8d8367c0395.png


Next up is a weird one, mainly due to context and how there is none. I made an evil version of an OC is SVR 2006, then changed the OC completely. Though now the OC has a new name and is back so, there's that too. This evil counterpart has a more Kane like moveset, with slower and less flashy moves compared to his counterpart. Also much harder to hurt thanks to some "enhancements" courtesy of the Doctor. He also may be more deranged than before.1330278037_PrototypeB.thumb.png.29503dfa27fa6fb2eaf3e0daa14dcb09.png


To round this post off here's the big baddie of it all. The man who commands the Doctor and all these creations and employees. The man called Regin. He's back and for business purposes only as he is not going to stop until he takes over everyone and everything. Speedy Loco has already been taken down, possibly by these evil-doers. Anyway here's the Archangel



Thanks for checking out the post will have updates and works in progress over on the Twitt/X https://twitter.com/Mr_Just_B


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  • Just B changed the title to Just B's ShowCaws [November Update]

Back with a late, late November update. Bringing three more originals at the moment. It's basically my South Korea team style, where most of them are Tae Kwon Do practitioners. So let's get to it. As usual tags are JustB and JustBCaws on the CC. If they are in this topic, they are on the server


First off is Lee Hyo-Jin. I've changed this poor guys name and look so many times now it's quite something. From Lee Hyoung Tsang to Lee Ein-Sung, now to Hyo-Jin. He works for the bad man Regin, as he's bad by nature, a face turn is very unlikely. Anyway he's well versed in Tae Kwon Do as the stripes on the Black Belt show. Also has various text like "The Chosen One Lee" and on the back of his out fit "Eat Shit". Basically more like a Tekken 4 Hwoarang as he's always been based off him. The second attire is just a look I put together where it's some form of street fashion



Next up is a brand new original as the wheels have been turning and the new faces have been churning. So here's a female. Note the hair is thanks to Status and the 2hairtemplate. She's more so based on Juri from Street Fighter as there's a possibility of unstability. Has a gold heart motive which has a touch of irony as she's most likely to turn on anyone that would help her. Also a Tae Kwon Do practitioner. Her coat represents her belt along with the gold patches to represent all the kicks she's kicked. Anyway here's Seong Jung-Hwa



Last up for the update here's a "new" original that I created in 2K22, but I started using the face templates in the game and it's really helped out amazingly. I didn't really have a gimmick for him in 2K22 but now I got something here. He's a Tae Kwon Do practitioner, crazy I know. However, he fled. Hyo-Jin was trying to get him recruited for Regin in order to have the ultimate roster to take over but he safely escaped the grasp and made it to Mexico where he underwent Lucha Libre training from EL Luchadore Nats. So he's got all the kicks but a variety of Lucha Libre style moves. Also his second attire makes him look kinda like Ash from Pokemon and that was very unintentional. I noticed it weeks after but it's staying. Has a logo on the back of the second attire as well. So here's Myong Sungkeun



Should be an update out for December as I'm liking doing a few monthly. Hope you all enjoy

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Back for a small December update. I let my PS Plus run out, but I can still use the CC and stuff so here's two more caws. They are up tags in the tags. These two are much more in the vein of wrestling creations compared to other caws I've made. I originally made these two back in 2k16 so it's quite the turn that I've made these two into and I'm happy with the outcome. The shared attire concept is still there, but It made such a better look with the RVD esque singlet. Also first proper tag team that I made. So here is Lenny Wheeler, and Isaiah Snow, The Eliminators.



This rounds out my year for now. Probably start up again in the new year, once the kick happens again. But for now, Happy New Year!

Other than that, that's that

-Just B

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  • Just B changed the title to Just B's ShowCaws [December Update]

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