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Wrestlemania 1 1985 game save file


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Whats cool about SVR 2006 despite being an outdated game is the still awesome CAW engine,  and the amount CAW slots this game has, which is 30.  Quite enough to make an entire Royal Rumble participants or an entire roster of every classic Wrestlemania event(with some exceptions). U dont need to be an expert game programmer like they did with No Mercy classic CAW hacks. U just need your good old PS2, a gameshark, existing CAWS u can tweak.. and lots of memory cards(or a usb) lol

I first made a full 30 CAWs of WM 1 wrestlers and managers, created a PPV,  then played the classic wrestlemania 1 matches. Then next is making the rest of Wrestlemanias that followed.

WM 1 roster was limited, so i included that year' s non main eventers to fill the 32 slots.









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