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Jeb ★

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Great match and props to Bunny but man I was actually hoping Damian get the win. Wwe always feeding full time wrestlers to actors, singers etc.  Seeing Carlito was freaking awesome.  Good match!!

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Excellent show from start to finish.

Some questionable choices from a booking perspective. But...very enjoyable to watch.

Puerto Rican crowd was a lot of fun. 


Can't be mad at the Brock match, because it was a Brock match. That's what they always are. Either he dominates and wins, or he dominates and gets outsmarted to lose in a wonky way. The blood was a nice surprise. 

*just watched it back - definitely hardway blood from actually connecting with the turnbuckle. Brock is a sick man for doing that. Lol

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What can I say? I don’t like poorly build matches; boring three-ways involving guys we’ve seen wrestle each other several times; the same old, tired No DQ matches with kendos, chairs, and table spots; matches with limited in-ring performers; and six man tags involving a redundant storyline that’s treading water and wrestlers who’ve wrestled each other COUNTLESS times.

Also, don’t even get me started. I praise shit frequently enough. Night 1 of the last PPV was great, for example. I was one of the ones who sung its praises. So please don’t be starting shit.

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