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MFWC Wrestling (ALL-CAW Roster) Returns for its 6th season (2k23)!!!!!

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What a season 2k22 was with new champions being crowned and historic reigns endings, including Tyson Steele's record-setting 812-day reign as MFWC Champion, which ended shockingly at Bar Room Blitz III in January, as Captain Jack decided to cash in his newly won Call Your Shot briefcase during Steele's title defense against Donovan Draven. Without further ado, here are the first showings of the 2k23 version of the MFWC Roster. 


First up, the former reigning and defending MFWC Ladies Champion, a championship that she held for over 600 days. She is the Blood Rose, she goes by the name, Amy Sinz. Sinz is the leader of Death Row, also consisting of Jessie and Autumn Reign (to be showcased later). Her finisher is the Knee of Sinz (The Last Shot). In her dominant career, thus far in the MFWC, she has waged war with the top echelon of the MFWC Ladies Division, including "The Natural" Elena Hart, "The Princes of Purity" Kit, and "The Mexican Warrior" Monica Gomez. She is currently rumored to be part of a first ever War Games match at the upcoming Battle Lines PPV in May, where she will team with the rest of Death Row to take on Elena Hart, Melody, and Fuchsia. She hasn't been seen since losing the championship to Hart in November, so this will be her return to the MFWC, officially.


I decided to stick with the blood rose gimmick and really became super inspired by Mandy Rose for her current look and even used her face texture. Her height and weight are an estimate, I can't fully remember what I put them at, but I usually have her around that.1602751669_AmySinzAttire1Pic.thumb.png.8133cfc3949540134e516905c12592ca.png

Next up, the leader of Bite Club, he is "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers. Bowers is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion (longest in hostory at just over 300 days) and a former MFWC Tag Team Champion, with his best friend, Julius. His memorable feuds have been wtih KC Starr, Kennedy Enterprises, The Reckoning, Tyson Steele, and Elijah Carter. He is currently one of the hottest babyfaces in the MFWC and plans to have a big 2k23 season. His finisher is the Gourbuster and he sets it up with the Uranage 1.


He is basically a cross between Triple H (later years, when he became more of a brawler), Stone Cold (later years when he became more of a brawler), Jon Moxley, and Randy Orton. I  am not completely sure about this look but I like it for now. I know I wanted to add more than just black.


Next up, the current reigning and defending MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, "The Golden Eagle" Shane Valor. He is the only male competitor currently on the men's roster, who has yet to taste defeat, as he has managed to remain undefeated since debuting in the MFWC in 2018. What can be said about this man, that hasn't already. He is the franchise of the MFWC and it's loan soldier, in a sense. He has been feuding with Kennedy Enterprises as of late, which has scheduled a rumored War Games match (the 2nd of 2 War Games matches) for Battlelines between Kennedy Enterprises and the make shift team of Shane Valor, Robby Santos, and the Hitsquad... Tyler Kennedy has failed thus far, in his quest to wrestle the Classic Heavyweight Championship away from Valor and has decided to put those aspirations on hold, in an attempt to eliminate all of Valor's team from the MFWC.


Shane Valor is a cross between Alestair Black and RVD, but the initial idea was a more athletic and mobile Warrior, so that's why he has some face paint. His finisher is the Fairytail Ending (he calls it Eagles Wings, yes I ripped off Christopher Daniels' Angels Wings lol) and he also utilizes a lot of athletic kicks and strikes, similar to RVD and Black. He have more muscular than either of them though, because I wanted him to look like a Spartan Warrior, in a way, which is a theme with a few of my characters.


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  • joel3736 changed the title to MFWC Wrestling (ALL-CAW Roster) Returns for its 6th season (2k23)!!!!!

Next up, the man that became disillusioned by what he thought was going to be a lifelong friendship and brotherhood with his now former tag team partner, Chase Awesome. This of course was before Awesome blindsides him after a loss and left him laying in the middle of the ring, cementing his heel turn as he decided to join Tyler Kennedy and his Kennedy Enterprises faction. Now, a year removed from the fateful night that his life and career in the MFWC changed forever, Robby Santos returns in the 2k23 season, on a mission. Chase Awesome and Tyler Kennedy have already laid out the challenge to Santos on a match at Battle Lines 2k23, for the first ever set of War Games matches. They have challenged Santos to find 3 tag team partners and that he did, when he named Cory Lennox, Jake Wild, and Shane Valor, 3 men who all have a vendetta with Kennedy Enterprises, as his tag team partners. Santos returns with a slightly different but much darker look, here. Gone is his color mask with the tassel in the back and now he has a more demonic style mask, which is symbolic with his current state of mind. He is all about vengeance. this year.


Santos is and has always been a cross between Low-Ki, Kalisto, and Rey Mysterio. I was forced to go with a different mask, since Kalisto's mask was nowhere to be found but it gave me the excuse to add another wrinkle to his character, as he should be more demonic and sinister, since his best friend and tag team partner of 5 years turned on him, last season. His main finisher is the Coup de Grace and his main signature is the shotgun dropkick, yes I ripped off Finn Balor. Lol But he does a number of strikes, as he is an adept striker and high flyer, much like low-ki.


Next up, a relative newcomer, who made her debut last season and incredibly remained undefeated going into this season, the Good Girl, the new IT girl, Melody. She is currently preparing for the two biggest matches of her short career, thus far. One of them is her first championship match against her friend, "The Natural" Elena Hart and the other one is a 3 on 3 War Games match, where she will team up with Elena Hart and Fuchsia to take on all 3 members of Death Row.


She finishes opponents off with her Paydirt finisher, which is setup by the Canadian Destroyer from the corner.


Her name is inspired by someone I know in real life, so I tried to make a character based on her and with a look that she would likely go for, if she were a wrestler. I wanted a sporty look but colorful, that is why I went with this color scheme, her secondary attire, which I will show off, is a completely different color scheme but really just a simple color swap with the same logos.


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Next up, the now former MFWC Champion. He is the man that held the championship for an impressive 812 calendar days (winning it in October of 2020) before shockingly being defeated by Captain Jack at Bar Room Blitz III, back in January, he is the Norse Nightmare, Tyson Steele! This season, Tyson is on a mission to reclaim his throne atop of the MFWC. He is THE Guy. Steele combines unparalleled strength and power with an incredible technical ability, to produce one of the most unbelievable wrestling arsenals in the MFWC. He has gone toe to toe with best of the best in the MFWC, from Harrison Bowers to Donovan Draven to Tyler Kennedy to Brute Pain to Mustafa Al-Said to Rex Carver, Xavier Black, the list goes on and on. He has made it his goal to win back the MFWC Championship, but a new element has entered his life. Last season saw the in-ring arrival of his estranged brother, Frankie Steele. Though Frankie seems to have adopted a much darker and more sinister persona than the abiding by the rules, respectful characteristics that have made Tyson Steele arguably the biggest fan favorite in the MFWC, he still feels an obligation to look out for his younger brother and some of that may even mean compromising his integrity to some degree. What will happen in 2k23, as both men return for this 6th season of action?


Steele is essentially a viking type character, who is also a cross between Drew McCintyre and Scott Steiner, mixed in with the charisma of John Cena. He utilizes a lot of technical moves as well as power moves. He is my highest rated character, like always and is essentially my number 1 CAW. His finisher is the Glorious DDT, while his main signature, if I remember, I think I changed it to the Gutwrench Powerbomb.731606640_TysonSteeleAttire1Pic.thumb.png.24b289a504d7cb13df57e03bac9ae768.png

Up next, the new reigning and defending MFWC Champion, Captain Jack. flanked by his cohorts (Brute Pain and Hercules) in his faction, the Piracy, Captain Jack won the MFWC Championship at Bar Room Blitz III, when he cashed in his newly won Call Your Shot Briefcase as Steele was in the middle of a championship defense against Donovan Draven. Realizing that both men were physically drained, he took this opportunity to storm the ring, hit not 1, not 2, but 3 Ship Wrecks on Tyson Steele, to shockingly pin him in the center of the ring and win the MFWC Championship. The two men are scheduled to have their first 1 on 1 match for the MFWC Championship at Battlelines, as Steele has indeed enacted his championship rematch clause. Captain Jack of course claims that he has an insurance policy in his back pocket that will ensure he leaves as MFWC Champion. He is also a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion.


Captain Jack is of course pirate based character. HIs style is inspired by Seth Rollins and a little bit Triple H. He is probably my number 1 heel, with the only possible exception being Tyson's brother Frankie Steele. He utilizes the Patella Brainbuster as a finisher that he calls the Shipwreck. He also does a Springboard knee strike, known as the bombs away, and a FIsherman Buster as a signature. Yes I went all in on the pirate gimmick. Lol



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Thank you, it's been an evolutionary and ongoing process for me, because many of them I didn't really have a fully fledged out gimmick or character for until the last few years. And some of them, I developed when I would showcase them and people would tell me what they look like and I ran with their interpretation and began developing them more based on that.

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Next up, arguably the most powerful faction in all of the MFWC. First up, the Benedict Arnold of the MFWC, the man that turned his back on his tag team partner of 4 years, Robby Santos, last year around this time, by viciously assaulting him after a match, before pledging his allegiance to his new group, and his new found riches. He is Mr. Money in the Bank, he is Chase Awesome. He and Santos may have been the first ever MFWC World Tag Team Champions, but he has left that friendship behind for the unlimited fortune that comes with being a  member of Kennedy Enterprises. This 4-man group has reigned supreme and ran roughshod over the MFWC for the past year, now. Chase Awesome of course has been deemed the protégé of Tyler Kennedy, as he looks to bring him to his level.


Chase Awesome is honestly a cross between Seth Rollins and CM Punk, with plenty of wrinkles of his own. His main finisher is the Handspring Cutter, that he calls "That's Awesome". His secondary finisher is the Running Enziguri. His main signature is the Helluva KIck 1 and his secondary signature is the Double Knee Facebreaker 1.1067500855_ChaseAweosmeAttire1pic.thumb.png.a71acca42b780c072a34ee9dd1c31efd.png

Next up the tag team of Kennedy Enterprises, known as DIrty Money. When money talks, you can expect these two men to be there with their ears open. Both men have a punishing powerhouse style. Benjamin Washington finishes opponents off with the Razor's Edge and the F10, his signatures are the Spinebuster 13 and Dominator 1. Thaddeus Banks finishes opponents off with the Clash of the Titus and the ATL, his signatures are the Brogue Kick 2 and the Front Slam 3. They have been dominant since arriving in the MFWC last season in 2k22. They immediately aligned themselves with Tyler Kennedy and Chase Awesome and became a force to be reckoned with.


Dirty Money is honestly a rip off of Beer Money while also being inspired by The Prime Time Players. I wanted something a bit different though, which is why they became powerhouses.1029514937_BenjaminWashingtonAttire1pic.thumb.png.3bed343c4182d514fd814682899c2668.png1693402580_ThaddeusBanksAttire1Pic.thumb.png.eea93397d945b6412bd02d2d39791da3.png

Last but not least, the leader of Kennedy Enterprises, "The Fortunate Son" Tyler Kennedy. He grew up in wealth and believes that fame, fortune, prestige, and success are his birthright.  His finishers are the Lumbar Check and the STF 2. His signatures are the Gentleman's Clutch and the Vertical Suplex Powerbomb. He has challenged several times (unsuccessfully) for the MFWC Championship and even the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Championship. He has yet to win a championship, thus far in his MFWC career but with his pedigree and his incredible wrestling acumen, not to mention with his stable of nefarious individuals by his side, it is not a question of if, but when.


Tyler Kennedy is heavily inspired by Ted Dibiase but also Cody Rhodes. His wrestling style is that of a great technical wrestler, who does have some cheap underhanded tactics up his sleeve, since he is an upper midcard type heel, borderline top heel.1654085647_TylerKennedyAttire1Pic.thumb.png.e69eec758703836af6ea9aa55e8d904b.png

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14 hours ago, Hip Hop Joe said:

Digging Chase Awesome using that Avengers A for his logo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Thank you, yeah that's been a theme for him because my original gimmick idea for him was that he would be like a Superhero cosplay type CAW in that he would wear attires that were inspired by superheroes but that never fully came to fruition, but I liked that the A logo worked for him so I kept it.

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Next up a showcase of 3 of the top tag teams in the MFWC, currently. All 3 teams are either current or former MFWC World Tag Teams. First up, the current reigning and defending MFWC World Tag Team Champions. The first of the two, the man known as Greek Muscle, from Athens, Greece, Hercules. He is the older brother of Julius, "The Greek Freak". Hercules is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion and has had a dominant run in the MFWC, with his patent Herc Lock (Hurt Lock) which, thus far, nobody has been able to break. He is currently in his first reign as a tag team champion, having won the title with Brute Pain, from the Masked Marvels at Bar Room Blitz III. Hercules is arguably the strongest man in the MFWC, with an 800 lb. deadlift, 650 lb bench, and 750 lb. squat. He and Brute Pain team up with Captain Jack to form the Piracy, a vicious heel faction that has begun to take shape and currently have 2 of the 5 championships in the MFWC. Time will tell how far Hercules and the Piracy will go in the MFWC.1492581262_HerculesAttire1Pic.thumb.png.32f17a27a178721179c38909b0e7f8a2.png

Next up, the 3rd member of the Piracy, the volatile Brute Pain. This man is a former MFWC Champion, having held the championship for over 300 days. He has put brutal beatdowns on many top stars in the MFWC, including: Tyson Steele, Jay Arsen, Rex Carver, and Julius. He is also currently in his first reign as MFWC World Tag Team Champion. Brute Pain enjoys punishing his opponents, particularly with his signature Pounce maneuver, which is often the prelude to the Pain Killer (Butterfly Pile Driver). As arguably the most dominant man in the MFWC, he is undoubtably the problem solver of the Piracy.963618723_BrutePainAttire1Attire2Pic.thumb.png.bd4dad27db4dadab2074424e983d6f2a.png

Next up, the former MFWC World Tag Team champions, a team that held those titles for over 300 days and have faced the best of the best in the tag team division, since making their way to the MFWC as one of the original teams, 5 years ago, Hell's Disciples. Evan Stubbs is the technical but very unstable member of the team, while the Destroyer is the unmatched silent powerhouse. Evan Stubbs as that dreaded claw hold which finishes off opponents, as well as his Rampage DDT. The Destroyer utilizes a Choke Bomb like maneuver known as the Jaws of Death to finish off his opponents.... sidenote, the tattoos on Evan Stubbs arm are on the wrong side, as is the glove, so I will have to go back in and switch those because I use the Mandible Claw as a secondary finisher and want the glove on the side that he does the move with. I don't know how I messed that up, this year. Lol1101770925_EvanStubbsAttire1Pic.thumb.png.935c7f95145421a7bbcca27d98ad15de.png16730593_TheDetroyerAttire1Pic.thumb.png.7dc7caf17c14a76506485daf0766d0f0.png

Next up, the former 2-time and also longest reigning MFWC World Tag Team Champions, having, at one point, held those titles for over 400 plus days, The Masked Massacre and Lightning, The Masked Marvels! The Marvels debuted in 2020 as a dominant heel tag team, brutalizing Hitsquad, before taking their tag team championships. They then went on a run, which would see them hold on to the tag team championship until early 2022, so for over 450 days, they held those titles. After dropping the titles, they turned babyface and became one of the biggest fan favorite teams, feuding with and regaining the MFWC World Tag Team Championships from the Reckoning. The Masked Massacre, another great technical wrestler, directs traffic between these two men, while Lightning is like the bar fighter type in this tag team, bruising and brutalizing opponents with his roughneck style. The Masked Massacre finishes opponents off with his Spinning Tombstone that he calls the Massacre on 34th street. Lightning finishes opponents off with his Clothesline from Hell that he calls the Flashbang, as well as his brutal Powerbomb. Will they be able to overcome the odds and regain the MFWC World Tag Team Championships at Battlelines from the winner of the Hell's Disciples-Brute Pain/Hercules showdown? Only time will tell.973477818_LightningAttire1Pic.thumb.png.958f1d1d4c705947e477eb9fbb9a4c94.png1646220453_TheMaskedMassacreAttire1Pic.thumb.png.db4cb1ec342675e022d30a820b645b11.png

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Next up, the reigning and defending MFWC Ladies Champion, "The Queen of Harts", "The Natural" Elena Hart. This female CAW has certainly reached legendary status for me and my universe. At the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic on November 6th of last year, she became the first and currently only 2-time MFWC Ladies Champion, defeating Amy Sinz to win the coveted championship, ending her 600+ day reign as champion. Since then, she has been on a mission to regain the prestige and the respect that the championship rightfully deserves. Currently, she is embroiled in a feud with another top Lady in the division, Cameron Diamond but Amy SInz is still waiting in the wings for her contractually obligated rematch. Time will tell how all of that will unfold. Monica Gomez has also made claims on social media about wanting another shot at her greatest rival, who can forget their incredible 2 Iron Woman matches, back when Gomez was the champion.

As you can probably tell, Elena Hart is HEAVILY inspired by Natalya but also Owen Hart and Bret Hart. She is one of my top technical wrestlers, utilizing the Sharpshooter and an array of suplexes, including her signature Capture Suplex to subdue her opponents.890163263_ElenaHartAttire1Pic.thumb.png.fa87adf885f52d1eb0c3cdb15a56f009.png

Next up, the woman that just lost a steel cage match to the current champion, she is the Crown Jewel of the MFWC, Cameron Diamond.  Little by little, despite coming up short in two championship encounters with Hart, Diamond has seemingly began to gain the admiration and respect of some of the fans of the MFWC, though she doesn't seem to appreciate it very much. Diamond holds victories over Hart as well as Nataly Carmona and others in her meteoric rise to the top echelon of the MFWC Ladies division. Diamonds may not last forever, but Cameron may well be proof that at least one of them will. 

Cameron Diamond is a CAW that I got inspiration from Tessa Blanchard and Charlotte for. I wanted a CAW with the diamond gimmick, but for years, I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted it to be a male or female CAW. That's one of the reasons why I chose the name, Cameron, which can be gender neutral. Then last year I decided on this female CAW, realizing that my Ladies division was thin on top heels. Though, this season I am strongly considering turning Cameron face, I mean she does now with this current look, resemble a babyface to me. Her finishers are the Snapmare Driver and High Angle Exploder Suplex. Her signatures are the Rolling Thunder Stunner and Front Flip DDT.19615750_CameronDiamondAttire1Pic.thumb.png.a0f592a2958d9f7123934f28081f99f2.png
Next up, "The Princess of Purity" Kit This is another CAW that saw a meteoric rise to the top, back in 2020. She quickly became the MFWC Ladies Champion early that year and held it for nearly a year, before losing it to Amy SInz in early 2021. She is the prototypical girl next door, the good and pure girl who just seems too innocent for the business, but once that bell rings, she's all business. Her finisher is the Hammerlock DDT3 and her secondary finisher, with her power, is the Military Press Spinebuster. Her signatures are the Pumphandle Suplex 1 and the Running Power Slam 2. She is currently embroiled in a feud with "Country Bread" Trisha Montgomery, while taking "The Red Wolf" Cassidy Parker under her wing, in her feud with "The Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon. Can Kit finish 2023 the way she did, 2020? We will find out.

Next up, "The Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon. She is another former MFWC Ladies Champion and currently a top heel in my universe. She is a hardcore, southern, a**kicker. She is essentially a heel version of ODB, mixed in with some Terry Funk and Austin. Her finisher is the Hammerlock Lariat 2, that she calls the Megan Dixon Line. Her secondary finiser is the Diving Leg Drop 4, that she calls the Mississippi Jam. Her main signature is the Cervical Clutch that she calls the Rebel Lock, and her secondary signature is the Pop-Up Powerbomb 1. She is currently embroiled in a feud with Cassidy Parker and the rumor is at the first PLE of the 2k23 MFWC Universe season, the two ladies will do battle. She has begun an interesting partnership with Trisha Montgomery as both women come from similar background and have common enemies. It is unknown what the 2k23 season has instore for the Rebel Queen but one thing is for certain, there will be a lot of a** whippings handed out.107005326_MeganDixonAttire1Attire2Pic.thumb.png.e7e26b81fee98d5359acf081dff3899a.png

As a bonus, I provided a match that was recently played in the Saturday Night Showdown Arena, that saw an old but brief rivalry renewed as Kit took on Megan Dixon.



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Your gimmicks are well made, and the characters all stand out. I can just look at them and figure out what kind of personality they'd have...which is the mark of a well made creation. Consider me a fan, young sir.

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On 4/22/2023 at 1:45 AM, Oz70NYC said:

Your gimmicks are well made, and the characters all stand out. I can just look at them and figure out what kind of personality they'd have...which is the mark of a well made creation. Consider me a fan, young sir.

Thank you! I have been following you and your brother as inspiration, as well as other really good CAW makers. Plus, this season, I have decided to take more time for each CAW and I finally am satisfied with most/almost all of them.


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Next up, one of the top heel factions in the MFWC, the Reckoning. First up, the leader of the faction, "The Battle God" Christopher Cross. He is a former 2-two time MFWC World Tag Team Champion, along with fellow stablemate, Mason Young. Cross has had storied feuds with Harrison Bowers, the Masked Men, and Hell's Disciples. His wrestling style is that of a top, underrated technician. His gimmick is strongly inspired by Eric Young (specifically his Sanity gimmick) and Christopher Daniels (Fallen Angel Gimmick) and even more recently, Karrion Kross. Time will tell what lies ahead for Cross and his cohorts in the Reckoning.


Next up, "The Dark Angel" Mason Young. He has long been Cross' righthand man and tag team partner. The two formed a team back in 2018 and have since held two MFWC World Tag Team Championships. They are widely regarded the top heel tag team in the MFWC, to this day. He often finishes his opponents off with his top rope splash that he calls the Leap of Faith as well as his Backpack Facebuster that he calls the Downfall. He is another underrated technical wrestler, who is inspired partially by Christian (brood version) and Damien Priest.


Next up, the third member of the group. He is a man that joined the group late in 2020. He is "The Gentleman of War", Stephen Allen. Allen's fighting style  is based off of Sean O'haire and Dijak. He is largely inspired by Jaxson Ryker/Gunner as well as Sean O'haire, and Dijak. Allen has a vast array of strikes and kicks to finish his opponents off, as well as his End of the Road (Cross Rhodes) finisher. He had a lengthy feud with Harrison Bowers, but his current focus is on the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Shane Valor, which promises to be a phenomenal match, if it ever comes to fruition, with their similar wrestling styles.



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Here is an updated attire for "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers. I didn't like the plastic attire look, afterall, so I decided to go more classic for him. He has a secondary attire that is essentially just a color swap, where the blue is replaced with a bright red.22312334_HarrisonBowersupdatedattirepic.thumb.png.f80030b86619c919e47e93d6d8c320df.png

Next up, Mr. Chilly Willy himself, "Chilly" Willy Coleman. He is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion and I think I finally nailed his cool, icy look. He is the best friend of top babyface, Tyson Steele and is in the upper echelon of babyfaces, himself. He has been in an on again off again feud with Donovan Draven, the man that took the Classic Heavyweight Championship from him, but he has since experienced some success against his rival. He is largely inspired by Dusty Rhodes, specifically his dancing mannerisms and his use of the bionic elbow. He is also inspired by Big E and Keith Lee, particularly from a power standpoint. His finisher is the Tyler Driver '97 that he calls the Chill Factor and he also utilizes arguably the most lethal spinebuster in all of the MFWC.465542704_WillyColemanPrimarySecondaryAttirePic.thumb.png.5ceba6e120b16afc20755cceebe624bd.png

Next up, "The Freedom Rider" Rick Blackburn. His current look is largely inspired by Kevin Nash and Undertaker (American Badass 2003 version). His original idea was inspired by the Macho Man, so he does utilize a huge top rope elbow drop. He also utilizes the Project Ciampa, that he calls Afterburn, the Elbow is known as Heartburn Elbow. He is currently in the midcard and time will tell if he can breakout and become a top star. But either way, he's going to continue to ride.


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On 5/20/2023 at 11:11 PM, WNX said:

I get a real kick outta the name Chilly Willy🤣

Yeah lol I needed a name for him back in 2k19 and wanted to do an icy/cool type character and decided to base him off of an old character I made in WWF Attitude and just used an updated name. Lol that initially was a placeholder name. Lol

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Posted (edited)

Alright, this was a highly productive week for making CAWs for me. I finally went ahead and made a new tag team that I had been considering for a little while. I had been given the idea of an international pairing with an American and British star as an amateur/Olympic wrestling style tag team. With that in mind, I already had the American Amateur wrestling character in Elijah Carter. But then I remembered that I had a British CAW named David Windsor, in need of a gimmick change.  So I have decided to turn Windsor babyface and team him up with Elijah Carter and together they will now be known as United Alliance.


First up, Elijah Carter is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, whose career dates back to 2k17. Last season was an up and down one for Carter, as he wasn't really involved in any major feuds and his won-loss record wasn't quite as good as it had been in previous seasons. In the 2k23 season, with a new focus and a bit of a change to his character, Carter has vowed to make this season a comeback season. The World Class Athlete is looking to make wave within a very deep tag team division.


Carter is completely inspired by Kurt Angle, with shades of Jason Jordan mixed in. His finisher is the Attitude Adjustment 9, that he calls the Star Spangled Slam and his other finisher is the Ankle Lock (I think number 4, whichever one uses the leg grapevine like Kurt Angle). He utilizes a vast array of suplexes and other technical wrestling maneuvers. He is in the upper midcard of the MFWC, where he is another one that is on the cusp of main event status.


Next up, his brand new tag team partner, David Windsor. Formerly known as the King, Windsor has turned over a new leaf. Gone is that cocky, brash, egotistical self-proclaimed, "King of Pro Wrestling" and in its place is the pride of Great Britain, and former Olympic wrestling standout. Windsor finishes his opponents off with the Royal Flush and the Arm Trapped Crossface. He has yet to win any championship gold in the MFWC, but with his new tag team partner and his history of success, that could soon change. Windsor also employs an array of suplexes and other technical maneuvers.


Windsor is largely inspired by Nick Aldis, William Regal, & The British Bulldog. I first made him all the way in WWF Attitude but didn't make him again until WWE 2k19. I have kind of be on again and off again with him because I could never stick with a look. I think with his current partnership, this can definitely work for a long while.


Next up, the former MFWC Champion, KC Starr. Starr began his career as an enhancement babyface, seldom winning, until he turned heel, during his blood feud with Harrison Bowers back in 2019. From there, he had perhaps the best 2020 of anyone in the MFWC, winning the MFWC Championship in April of that year at the Windy City Rumble, when he defeated Jay Arsen. He would go on to hold that championship for 7 months, before finally falling to Tyson Steele at the 3rd annual Wrestling Classic, thus beginning the legendary title reign of Tyson Steele. Starr employs a unique style, mixing a brawling style with his unmatched power. He finishes his opponents off with the Starr Stretch (Elevated Boston Crab) and the KC Bomb (Full Nelson Bomb). He recently turned babyface once again, as fans began to cheer him on in matches.  He has also caught the ire of Donovan Draven, we will see if anything transpires between those two, in the ring.


KC Starr is another CAW that dates back to WWF Attitude, though his name originally was Casey Starr. It would later be changed to KC Starr, to emphasize that he is from Kansas City, MO. I finally settled on a look, this is actually the 3rd or 4th attempt at doing his attire, in 2k23. I really like this one so I am keeping it.


Last but not least for this batch, the estranged brother of Tyson Steele, "The Ring Leader" Frankie Steele. He made his official debut last season, it was the first time he had seen his older brother Tyson, in 22 years. The two brothers became estranged as children, with their tumultuous childhood and Frankie left and joined he circus as a carney, before resurfacing last season. The carney is still very prevalent in Steele, as evident by his look. He is also very sadistic in the ring. Like him or not, however he knows how to get it done. He is undefeated in 1 on 1 matches, thus far in the MFWC. Tyson, thus far has kept his distance from his brother, Frankie. Many of Tyson's friends, including: Rick Blackburn and Willy Coleman have told Tyson Steele not to trust his brother but his inner guilt for not protecting his brother when they were younger, has begun to fester inside of Tyson. What does this mean for their relationship, can it be mended? Frankie uses the Rolling Unprettier as a finishing maneuver, that he calls the Final Say. He also uses the Whoopie Cushion and the Joker Plex to finish off his opponents.


Frankie Steele is based on a whole host of guys. He has some Doink, Broken Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho (NJPW vs. Omega), Bray Wyatt, and Kizarny in him. I was going for like an Undertaker-Kane type of relationship between he and Tyson, where Tyson is at times reluctant to go against his brother and Frankie just keeps egging it on. Frankie Steele is currently positioned as a top heel in my universe, but I am giving hm somewhat the Undertaker schedule. Not recent version Undertaker but more like mid 90's Taker, where he would wrestle the pay-per-views and maybe at most one raw per month. I want to keep him as somewhat of a special attraction.1462099700_FrankieSteeleAttire2k23.thumb.png.ba66e000c39829a649484dee8cc13262.png


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I wanted to do this  as a pack but I got impatient. Here is the brother of Hercules, Julius. He is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion and a former MFWC World Tag Team Champion, with his bestfriend Harrison Bowers. His finishers are the Falcon Arrow (2 or 3, I forget) and the Machka Kick. He couples his incredible strength with his dominant technical wrestling abilities. He is somewhat similar to a Tyler Bate. He is based on a CAW I made back in WWF Attitude. I have been making this version of that character since WWE 2k17. He has long been a babyface but in recent months, he has become more and more aggressive, since losing the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion to the now MFWC Champion, Captain Jack. Even his  longtime friend, Dakota Blackhawk doesn't quite recognize the new Julius. Will he be able to temper his emotions enough to win championship gold, once again?


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Here is an updated attire for Melody. This is actually her secondary attire. Her primary attire remains unchanged. This is her LA Lakers inspired attire, to keep with the sporty theme. She remains undefeated in my universe, the only female on the MFWC roster to be able to boast an unbeaten streak, currently.


Next up, the first ever MFWC Champion, "The Alaskan Bear" Rex Carver. He has had a slight name change but his mindset and personality remain unchanged. He has forged his own path of destruction and vows to punish anyone that gets in the way of him reclaiming his championship. He originally was the top babyface in the MFWC, at its inception but over the past nearly year, he has turned his back on his fans and his attitude has completely changed. It all started when he viciously attacked then champion, Tyson Steele late last summer and demanded a championship match. He was granted the match at the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic, where he took Steele to the absolute limit before ultimately falling to his rival. Since then, Carver has become more and more disillusioned and bitter over the current direction of the MFWC. He believes that he is the rightful heir to the throne. He doesn't want anybody taking his place as the guy. He is currently embroiled in a blood feud with fellow former MFWC Champion, Jay Arsen. Their feud will come to a head at Battle Lines in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Carver is a CAW that really dates back also to WWF Attitude. I decided to turn him heel and kind of have him be that angry destructive force, similar to Michael Elgin when he got to Impact Wrestling and destroyed everybody, initially. For the first time ever, I decided to give him long tights, at least for the primary attire. I wanted a Chris Benoit type of vibe, so went with the long tights.


Next up, the most dashing man in MFWC Wrestling, "Dashing" Donovan Draven. His MFWC career dates back to 2k19 but I first made him in 2k17. I went through a period of name changes with him, from "Dashing" Danny Draven to "Beautiful" Bradley Cravens, before settling on "Dashing" Donovan Draven. He is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion. He has feuded with Willy Coleman over the championship, as well as Julius and Tyson Steele. He had a lengthy undefeated streak of over 2 years, that ended in 2021. He believes that everyone is beneath him and that the referee needs to disinfect the ring, before he gets in there to wrestle. His great technical style is tempered by his arrogant personality. It is only a matter of time before he becomes the most dashing MFWC Champion of all-time.


Draven is largely inspired by a combination of guys from ECIII to MJF to Cody Rhodes (Dashing version) to Robert Roode to Rick Martel (as the model) to Paul Orndorff. He has added a devasting piledriver to his arsenal, making him even more lethal.589701457_DonovanDravenAttirePic.thumb.png.743f955dbab9057ff9c6e5dae9c2f632.png

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Alright, without further ado, here is another big showcase. Today I show off the Ladies Tag Team division of the MFWC, as well as one bonus lady to show off. First up, the team of Dizzy Hopkins and Desi McPhatter. Together, they comprise Soul Power. Firstly, Dizzy Hopkins, affectionately known as the "Disco Damsel", has been a creation since WWE 2k18, when I brought female CAWs back in my roster. She was one of the first ones I made that season. Her fighting style is based off of Alicia Fox and Trish Stratus. She, along with her new tag team partner Desi are destined for a run as the MFWC Ladies Tag Team Champions.


Next up, her tag team partner, "The Jive Sista'" Desi McPhatter. She made her debut officially last October, in the lead up to the huge 4 way ladies tag team match at the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic, to crown the inaugural MFWC Ladies Tag Team Champions. Her power is nearly unmatched in the Ladies division of the MFWC. She has an old soul personality and has been known to bust a move in the ring, but don't let her care free attitude and rhythmic flow fool you, she can go in the ring. It is only a matter of time before her and Dizzy reign a top of the MFWC as Ladies Tag Team Champions.


Next up, the self-proclaimed, Ladies Top Team, The Queens of Wrestling, Mercedes Walker and Victoria Knight. Both ladies hail from England and believe that they are superior to the roughneck style of the majority of MFWC competitors. Victoria Knight is an accomplished technical wrestler, inspired largely by a fellow queen, Charlotte Flair. When she locks in her STF, there is only one way out, unless you want to risk permanent injury. Her tag team partner, Mercedes Walker is an underrated high flyer who considers herself to be the classy lady version of Shawn Michaels, in the ring. When she hits that Top rope scissoring leg drop (Nothing But Net) that she calls Nothing but Greatness, her opponents will be seeing nothing but the lights from above. She also has that patent Cartwheel Pele Kick to further finisher her opponents off.


Next up, the former MFWC Ladies Tag Team Champions, TNT. First up, she is an absolute spitfire, Dani Dynamite. She twice challenged unsuccessfully for the MFWC Ladies Championship vs. Elena Hart in the Queen of Harts first title reign, which really put Dani on the map. She made her debut in 2k18 and has since been a mainstay within the Ladies division. She enlisted the services of her new tag team partner last year and the two ladies became the inaugural MFWC Ladies Tag Teams, winning the 4-way tag team elimination battle at the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic on November 6th. They would go on to drop the titles to Jessie and Autumn Reign in January during a Saturday Night Showdown telecast. Since then, they have been determined to win the championships back. Dynamite tends to finish off her opponents with an explosive kick (Rocket Kick) that she calls the Dynamite Kick. She tends to set her opponents up with her signature Dynamite Combo (Shoot Kicks & Roundhouse).


Secondly, her long time tag team partner, Hayley Nitro. Hayley, is a bit more of a high flyer than her tag team partner, finishing her opponents off with the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press as well as the Hayley Driver (Gigi Driver). She earned her first and to date, only title shot, winning a battle royal last season and narrowly being defeated by Amy Sinz in a hard-fought championship defense for the Blood Rose. Nitro and Dynamite have set their sights on reclaiming the MFWC Ladies Tag Team Championship and have an upcoming title shot, an opportunity to finally regain the gold.


On another note, I may edit Nitro's primary entrance attire and go with a red version of that blue vest I went with in the 2nd entrance attire. It looks so clean with that nitro logo.



Next up, the reigning and defending MFWC Ladies Tag Team Champions and the other two members of Death Row, along with the leader, Amy SInz, they are Jessie and Autumn Reign. Jessie, largely based off of her hero, Harlequinn, with her sadistic personality, she gets off on making her opponents suffer and feel the pain of her childhood. Jessie likes to finish her opponents off with the X-Factor that she calls the Reverse Frown. 


Her tag team partner, the powerhouse of the group, Autumn Reign. She is essentially the female embodiment of 1993-1994 Diesel. She enjoys to finish her opponents off with Feast Your Eyes and couples and aggressive striking arsenal with her incredible power. Both ladies made their debut in late 2021, to provide backup for Amy Sinz. They have since paved their own way in the MFWC in disturbing fashion.


Last but not least, the Burlesque Beauty, Alexia Paul. She is another of the originals from 2k18 and made it to the final 3 of a tournament to crown the inaugural MFWC Ladies Champion in 2018. Since then, she has left her own mark on the MFWC. She currently has helped pave the way for the return of "Superstar" Steve Masters to the MFWC to team up with her longtime charge, "The Feature Presentation" Kyle Glenn as Hollywood Elite. Paul has been at odds recently with Melody, time will tell how their issues turnout. Alexia Paul has a burlesque/mascaraed type gimmick and has been very difficult for me to bring that out but I think I finally succeeded.


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