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BPW's Talent raid 2K23

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We are back for the next season with the new story designer it looks like we will have a great chance to tell some more stories. I will love to see all the legacy characters back. 

BPW is a "realistic" all caw show that is announced by me. With the help of a few advisors storylines are written for the caws that can be played out during the show. I try my best to keep the stories to what happens in the ring and add context with my commentary. I use universe mode to set up the shows and try to use all within it to write, commentate, edit and run BPW. I do a weekly show with every 4 to 5 weeks being a special PPV or "special events" as we call them. Our biggest shows being Go For Broke (Our Wrestlemania), Livewire (our Summerslam), 

{Our Titles}

BPW World Title

BPW Internet Title 

BPW Women's Title

BPW Tag Team Titles

BPW Women's Tag Team Titles 

 BPW Golden Ticket Briefcase 

Just need the tags, the name of the caws finishers and signatures, Tag team names and all. 

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Welcome back, brotha. Wouldn't mind sending a few fresh faces to BPW if thats alright. If theres anyone you want to return just lemme know.

Would love to have the following guys/girl on bpw this year.. in order of appearance

Chase Ca$h 

"Wildfire" Casey Hull

Max Impact

"Platinum" Jayden Price 

Adrianna Star 

Dante Best 

If you decide to use any, lemme know and I'll give you their finisher names


Hashtags are:




1873313c4f119-screenshotUrl (1).jpg












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Hi, gave you my caw NBK a few years back, brought him back this year tags are: NBK, HEADKICK, ORIGINAL, Sigs are venom punt, bicycle kick and finishers are insomnia(gordbuster GTS) and Boma ye(Kinshasa)






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52 minutes ago, Brokebottle said:

@Luchafan88a lot of your guys aren’t up yet just so you know and Jessica looks great. I need the names for Adrianna, Jessica , Bobby, billy, Alan and teddy, fuego 

Yea there's a glitch that puts your attributes at default. The neckbreakers and hip hop express are up.  I'll put the rest up tomorrow and post their attributes here. 

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Adrianna star

Finisher name: Star Plex (Regal plex), Supernova (queen plex)

Signature name: Star Maker (Modified Russian leg sweep), Stardust Plex (O'Connor roll German suplex)


Jessica Fox

Finisher name: Fox off (Mick Kick),  Go Fox yourself (Split legged leg drop)

Signature name: Shut the Fox up (Discus Pump Kick), Fox and the ground (French Kiss)


Fuego López 

Finisher name: Flame thrower (Standing Shiranui), Fuegorana (Dragonrana)

Signature name: Inferno Press (Aztec prese), Firestarter (Tilt a whirl Backstabber)


The Neckbreakers

Tag Finisher: Paralysis (Freefall Neckbreaker)


The Hip Hop Express 

Tag Finisher: The Turn Up (More Bang)

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11 hours ago, Brokebottle said:

@KEYU Can I ask a huge favor? Do you think you can make an arena for BPW this season I see your custom arenas and they all look great. It will be our summer Event called Livewire (Think wwe's SummerSlam)

Yeah np, sounds like a fun project. When would you need it by?

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