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MyRise unlock list question


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So I know it is early to ask this, but does anyone know or know where online to see a list of unlockable characters during MyRise and what you need to do to unlock them?

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For Ezikial :- Offer help to John Cena on social media, then complete "Showcase of the Immortals" in MyRise: The Lock



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13 hours ago, JcZ15 said:

So does anyone know exacly when in the story we have to look out for these twitter things to get paul and eke?


vv Direct spoilers for parts of MyRise vv


For JPL, you will be in the airport. Check your phone for a message from Tavish about a fan asking for his signature. After that, he will ask you to imagine him wrestling Levesque in WCW. You'll have a "dream match" against JPL. Then you will have a second tag match with Tavish against JPL to finally unlock him.

For Ezekiel, it will be almost at the end of MyRise mode. You will be recruiting people for you faction after you return to WWE. This one actually takes a while, since you need to help quite a few people before you get a message from Cena. Eventually, Cena will ask you to prove that Ezekiel and Elias are different people by facing both of them in a handicap match.

So...yeah, one unlock is about midway through the mode. The other is almost at the end.

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