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Rekka No Ryo's CAW thread

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I am back for another game with my various CAWS featured on Broke Bottle's BPW thread where they battle Keyu and others featured on this 23 CAW forum ! Due to them having stepped it up a notch in CAWS and how they look, I had to tweak my caws in terms of face textures and tattoos at times, BUT overall im extremely happy with the way they look.


First up is my Striker/Submission MMA ish inspired CAW Gary Masters. He is a striker, technician and submission specialist.  The lady below that is Lilith Gownie my pagan/new age CAW. I had to redo her face texture since the old one didnt work this time around. The lady after that is BPW's own Lori Braddock, inspired by the likes of Ripley and Jazzy/Alpha Female moveset wise.  The CAW after that one is Gary's older brother Tristan who is inspired by Severn and Angle in terms of moves and then there is Verity, think Melina mixed with Maryse and Flair. 


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