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iamkeyu's Original CAWs 2K23


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Hello folks, back at it again. Gonna try to make a decent amount of the CAWs I made in previous games in 2K23


Name: Keyu
Overall: 86
Finisher:  Bullet Biter(Kamigoye), Crown Splitter (Piledriver)
Information: Cocky, foul-mouthed, heavyweight brawler/striker. Wears down opponents with hard strikes and cheap shots before dropping them on their heads or going for a knockout blow.  Inspired by Stone Cold, KENTA, Kawada, Shibata, Muay Thai/Bokator. Chimera is a Fight Team/Training Club/Wrestling School type of faction, I'll probably release a bunch of the logos if people want to make some big faction with their CAWs too. Still working on the face morphing. Will probably be up by the end of the week


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Lmao, just realized I posted this in the wrong section. How do you delete/move topics? If there's no way to do that I get I'll just consider this topic closed lol, my bad y'all

EDIT: You can find the actual thread here: 


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