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Universe Mode Thread

Jeb ★

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Discuss your plans/ideas for WWE 2K23 Universe Mode here

The world of WWE is at your fingertips with Universe Mode- the ultimate sandbox that puts you in charge of WWE, from Superstar rosters, feuds, champions, weekly shows, and Premium Live Events!

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I'm too stupid for the new rivalry system.


How do I actually make it if I want a third person to interfere in a match to actually start a feud? When I do a 1 on 1 match and use these options, it sounds like they are talking about a mystery third person here that I have no selection off.


Like I wanted to do Lyons vs Perez with Gigi interfere, but when I do this match and let's say choose rivalry options at Perez, the text sounds like she is the selection for the interference. Does that mean the first person will always have a random opponent then? That's a pretty mid solution here....



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I run multiple saves but my main one is a continuation each year, I have 4 brands: RAW, Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK with Main Event for RAW and SD with LvLUp added for NXT this year. Every single in-game superstar (minus duplicates) are on the rosters and my champions currently are:

Universal Champion: Randy Savage
United States Champion: Damian Priest
RAW Tag Team Champions: Randy Orton & Matt Riddle
RAW Women's Champion: Bianca Belair
WWE Women's Tag Team Champions: Charlotte & Chyna
24/7 Champion: R-Truth

WWE Champion: Roman Reigns
Intercontinental Champion: Logan Paul
SD Tag Team Champions: Angel & Humberto
SD Women's Champion: Liv Morgan

NXT Champion: Santos Escobar
NXT North American Champion: Dexter Lumis
NXt Tag Team Champions: Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde
NXT Women's Champion: Raquel Rodriguez 
NXT Women's Tag Team Champions: Vacant (was Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell) 

NXT UK Champion: Gunther
NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci 
NXT UK Women's Champion: Doudrop

I mostly only played out the women's matches so some of the men's I just simulated entirely (hence Logan Paul winning the title lol) but I've been toying with adding a 5th brand to replace Main Event for WCW and have Legends only compete there

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Sadly Universe Mode isn't fully functional right now.

Rivalry System only really works for Singles feuds as it turns all tag feuds into Singles feuds and sometimes the options don't work (almost always making the wrestler act face) but when I go to change them it comes up blank options so you can't change unfortunately. 

It also will force this action on ALL your matches until it has four rivalries set.

I file it under Advanced Entrances where 'good concept/idea but it breaks more than it helps'

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16 hours ago, TheResidentRogue said:

Sadly Universe Mode isn't fully functional right now.

Been seeing this quite often from many different sources. Thankfully, I didn't preorder this time around.

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I was really negative in my last post which I should self edit myself haha but it is frustrating as Universe is my main mode but everyone has their own things.

Managers show up on the card but are never at ringside for some reason. 

I will say, I really like how, when you're editing a match, the game will only let you select wrestlers from that brand which is good for me as I don't remember some of my lesser used superstars.

The Rivalry system is such a good concept but again everything is heavily heel oriented. My Rick Boogz just started beating down on Cactus Jack with a steel chair after their first match together but Boogz is a face and Jack is the heel so it's a bit random. 

Confident it will all be patched though, of course, I just wish 2K could get in the habit of not needing to patch so much as it really takes away any real reason to want the game early

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They really managed to improve universe mode and make it suck all at the same time. 2K setting new standards.  

I'm beyond pissed to be honest.  I was so excited for the new rivalry system. But not at the cost of trips entrances, show intros, themes,  tag team finishers still not saving, titles not displaying properly., and the list goes on.

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On 4/21/2023 at 4:43 PM, Caws.ws Resident Cowboy said:

The Theory Affect. It's *censored*ing nonsense, but it sounds cool

I like it. So far it's between that and The A-Town Effect. Kinda sounds like a finisher lol

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Do you guys feel that playing Exhibition mode can make up for the issues with trying to play Universe Mode? I always felt like being able to play Exhibition mode and choose your own champions can usually keep a player engaged for awhile.

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Been messing with Universe mode and had a really fun PPV and they were all booked by the AI no editing involved either

Hell in A Cell

Rhea Ripley def Asuka

SD Womens Championship 

Charlotte Flair(c) def Natalya

US Championship

 Austin Theory(c) def AJ Styles

Triple H def Sheamus

RAW Tag Team Championship 

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn def The Usos(c)

John Cena def Cody Rhodes


Roman Reigns (c) def Edge


Becky Lynch def Bayley(c) 

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Booker T def. X-Pac


Kane def. Big Boss Man and Vader in a Triple Threat Match 


Eddie Guerrero def. Razor Ramon 


Randy Savage & Ultimate Warrior def. Andre The Giant and Yokozuna in a Tag Team Match


Hulk Hogan def. Harley Race, Jake Roberts and Roddy Piper in a 4 Way Match

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