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Official WrestleMania 39 Discussion Thread

Jeb ★

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8 minutes ago, PaperThinWalls said:

I don’t think Solo has a chance. That’ll be years away first off. And two, even though he’s good, he’s not main event level good (and personally, I don’t think he’ll ever be main event level good). And the guy who beats Roman eventually HAS to be main event level good.

Yes. Exactly.

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Like yeeaaaars away. lol Like 5 years, at least. And maybe he can prove me wrong, but I don’t think he ever get to that level.

But that’ll be insane in terms of championship length. Very insane. Because how wrestling is consumed nowadays is very different. During the Bruno days, matches weren’t televised. There wasn’t weekly TV. It was a new live crowd at every event. If you want to see Bruno, you have to wait until he comes to your town. That’s not the case now. If you want to see Roman, you don’t have to wait until he shows up to your town — you just watch SD, which the world has access to in some form. The sheer amount of new content that would have to be generated to keep his reign fresh and interesting would be unheard of.

Not to mention, Roman ain’t MJF. He’s not a sprite, young 20-something with years and years ahead of him.

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I honestly don't have any problem with Roman retaining but the ending feels like something that would have happened half a year ago, back when Solo debuted, in a regular Smackdown episode.

I was fully expecting something like Orton returning and turning heel but with this finish I can't see how this story is moving forward

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