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Official WWE 2K23 Info/Discussion Thread

Jeb ★

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8 minutes ago, Rekka_No_Ryo said:

there is a small part of me that wishes they did not pick cena, simply because his actual biggest and more memorable matches you cant include for obvious reasons.

CM Punk is probably like the only big loss of Cena’s that they can’t add. Overall it wasn’t an important moment in the career of Cena; it was a big moment, maybe the biggest, in CM Punk’s career, and we got it in 2K15 already. I’m satisfied with a Cena showcase because he’s probably the biggest star to not have gotten a showcase or tower.

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80's Hogan finally back in

ugh, using 22's model of HBK with the EG arm band. just lazy.

here's hoping they fixed the random alt attire option in Universe mode

please give us a few new legend tag teams.

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7 hours ago, glennsoe said:



Man, her heelturn was in JULY what are they doing?

We are getting some random and wildly outdated people while others are super up to date like in 22 aren't we? 

Also, awful model.


I do hope they go all in on NXT and give us a lot of NXT people.

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I can't tell in the trailer if Roman has a new spear or not or if its just one of the old ones slowed down, but he desperately needs a new one and has for a long time. His corner spear is so slow and awkward with no pin combo, and the other is that running spear he hit on AJ once years ago.

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My thoughts getting a good look at the gameplay trailer:

Cena looks really good

Roman could be better, especially when you have people like JoeMashups absolutely nailing likenesses with his mods. Same can be said about Cora Jade. I get that modders like JM have the luxury of being able to pick and choose who they wanna make and when they wanna make them, but damn, Roman and Cora could’ve been so much better.

Cody looks kinda bloated in the face, atleast as far as his entrance is concerned, but I’m just glad to see him in there. I’m sure he looks fine in-game with the amount of detail his model has, facially.

Seth’s hair not having the shaved sides is a bit odd, though I could’ve sworn I saw the shaved sides in one of the screenshots. I guess it isn’t a big deal either way, but it should be priority to get the bigger stars that much more accurate. I honestly thought adding the blonde would be an easy update for them.

I would’ve rather seen Logan Paul doing the buckshot lariat instead of some generic springboard clothesline move.

WAR GAMES is here and I really hope it’s a blast. Can’t wait to play it! Thursday should be a blast if everyone got to have their own War Games matches against eachother. 

They could just remove the EG armband from HBK and I don’t think anyone would mind, instead of wasting an alt attire slot.

Bad Bunny’s new Canadian Destroyer looks sick

All in all, there could’ve been more to show. Whomever has been putting together the gameplay trailers the past few years is missing that spark that made 2K19’s gameplay trailer so brilliant. Everything looks good for the most part, but I’m not blown away, not even by War Games. I really just wanna see the  new moves now. That sells me.


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I don't get why they refuse to add Roman's touches of grey in his beard, thats part of his look, are we not trying to capture exactly how these wrestlers look or what? he doesn't have a solid pitch black beard. 

And for the love of god can Bayley actually have an accurate body this time around? in 2K22 she was as slim as Alexa Bliss, shes thick and her model needs to be thick, not a slender beanpole.

Its annoying when they try and improve everyone's appearance in the game and make them the idea look instead of how they actually look. Its like when they gave Umaga abs that time, just not being true to what these wrestlers actually look like to make them look perfect without any flaws.

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JUST GIVE ME THE MOVES VIDEO AND NO ONE GETS HURT... except the guy taking the moves.. ONE GUY GETS HURT... unless its got the tag team moves too... TWO GUYS GET HURT

In seriousness though, while the gameplay trailer didn't impress me much I will say that it looks like the Cody Cutter is indeed a new animation instead of the botched OsCutter from a few years ago which makes me very happy, as well as Bad Bunny seemingly getting a new destroyer.. finally.. god that old one looks so bad.

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1 hour ago, Jeb ★ said:

I can't tell if this is modded 2K22 but if it's a real leak then rip no stage podium pose


Mhhhhhh, the new Announcer, Mike Rome, is better than I feared he would be... But he's still no Greg Hamilton replacement. In real life, yes, but he doesn't sound as natural here as Hamilton did in 2k20 and 2k22, he was the absolute best thing about 2k20. Rome does sound a bit like he's just reading lines in a studio which was a problem for many many years before.... It's not too bad, but it's not perfect either.


You can hear better what I mean in this guy's other upload, the Brock Lesnar 2K23 entrance. It's just not really good.



And I still stay at my opinion that the loss of LA Knight as motion capture guy for most entrances hurts the game tremendously, the Lesnar entrance is just boring. Just plain boring.

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