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I'm wondering if them botching Nia's entrance playing the music even before the 10 countdown started was intentional and that's going to be like the joke now. If not, funny we didn't even had to wait for her to set a foot into the ring for her first botch to come

Also, in the kickoff when they were picking the rumble numbers, Escobar was extremely happy and McIntyre really pissed. At the end they were number 10 and 9 lol

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That ending after the Reigns/Owens match was *censored*ing awesome! The conflict in Zayn, then finally does the right thing. That pop when he wacked Roman though? Still get chills rewatching it!

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13 hours ago, The Nerd said:

I’m fickle. Cody doesn’t need both titles. He can have the WWE Title but that Universal Title belongs to Jey or Sami. Idc.

I have the same sentiments. I want the titles separated. WWE Championship to Cody then Sami as Universal Champion, if Jey becomes Universal Champ I want him to still be part of the Bloodline and just have Roman go away for a bit after losing both titles and have Jey lead, don't want to see the Bloodline split yet. Then they can have the draft and have a proper brand split again.

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The titles need to be separated ASAP. The men rumble match was fantastic quality wise but I hate when the winner is 100% predictable. Everyone knew the only possible options for a match agains Reigns at WM were him, The Rock, Sami or Jey and only one of them was in the match

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Credit: pwinsider 

WWE Producer Ken "Dykstra" Doane suffered an injury at the WWE Royal Rumble, PWInsider.com has confirmed.  During Judgment Day's brawl with Edge in the aisle, Doane was among those who ran out to break the melee up.  At some point, Doane suffered a leg injury, which one source feared may have been a torn calf.  He is scheduled to get an MRI asap to diagnose the injury.  Doane has been working as a producer for the company since late 2021 and has consistently received praise for his work putting together matches with talents.  

Cody Rhodes is scheduled for tonight's Raw taping and will be on the Raw brand going forward.   

WWE NXT star Damon Kemp will be at tonight's Raw taping, likely to work the WWE Main Event taping.

Ivy Nile and Maxine Dupri were at the Royal Rumble on Saturday as alternates in case they were needed.  Lana was just visiting and was not scheduled to work the show.

Ronda Rousey was not in attendance at The Royal Rumble.    As we exclusively reported over the weekend, Charlotte was not in attendance either, having left San Antonio that day.  We are told the current plan is for Rousey to be worked back into storylines next month for her Wrestlemania plans and she likely won't be back before late next month

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