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The ULTIMATE list of quality of life features I'd like to see 


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I'm a big fan of wrestling games. I love creating my own universe the most. In fact, I think the creation tools and Universe mode could be the future of these games. Deepening the mechanics to create a more organic feeling universe mode, as well as a more streamlined/efficient creation system would go a long way for these games. 

With that in mind I've compiled a list of things that I think would help aid in creating the ultimate universe mode and perhaps WWE game of all time. 

The new combat mechanics, combos, blocking etc all work quite well. I'm not sure how much more they can work on these things anymore tbh. 

I'm aware some of my suggestions may be unattainable. But I've done my best to only suggest things I think are realistically doable. 

For universe mode: 

More animation/cutscenes for rivalries: 
The small amount of cutscenes in '23 gets extremely repetitive. A wider variety of cutscenes would help things feel fresh for a longer universe mode. 

Perhaps even setting the tone of certain rivalries, perhaps a hardcore oriented rivalry, or even a three or four way rivalry. It'd be cool if there were rivalries only available to characters that have already had previous rivalries, to simulate a growing or evolving rivalry. 

Stables: ability to make 6 man stables, they will often accompany eachother to the ring. Ai to engage in various shenanigans. Like purposeful DQ, ref interference, attacking the opponent etc. Maybe even setting goals for teams like "acquire belts" so they control all the power, like NWO or Right to Censor, 4 horsemen etc. 

It'd be awesome if these stables crossed paths and had big brawls at the ends of matches or whatever other shenanigans you can think of. 

Auto next match: perhaps have a toggle option to auto play the next match instead of having to click "next" every time. 

Title stipulations: ability to add win stipulations to belts. For instance having them fought in particular matches like hardcore, submission, hell in a cell etc. Even when it is defended: eg. at a ppv or weekly/monthly. And where it falls in match order (main event, penultimate, midcard) 

Match tables: custom match tables as they are, are pretty good, but they work a bit funny. Even if I make normal single matches to 0% I still get 90% single matches. I think this needs to be made easier to do. I'd like to make some shows/events for specific kinds of extreme or novelty matches where they show up a lot more. I'd even like to be able to just switch certain match types off. Perhaps lose the % system, and just have toggles for match types. The variance could just be random, or chosen by the production team.

General improvements: 

AI: AI is slowly getting better in '23. However I'd like to see this fleshed out or improved in a few ways. 

1. The personality sliders should reflect more apparent changes in ai behaviour. 

For instance an egotistical character may go for OMG moments more. Taunt more, etc. Aggressive may break through hell in a cell walls, smash opponents through glass cells in elimination chamber, powerbomb through ladders and other spectacular moments. Or maybe you could come up with ney types like "high risk" or "hardcore" personality types. 

At the moment AI very rarely does any of these more spectacular things. And it'd be good to have some level of control on when the AI will do these things in matches. So I think tying them to personality sliders makes a lot of sense. 

This could also translate to universe mode, where certain personality types trigger particular reactions and cutscenes. I think a low level of this already exists. But this is something that if fleshed out, could be an incredible step forward. 

2. Injuries, gameplans: when a character is injured, the AI should target those areas more with relevant moves where available. Just gives the illusion the AI is actually thinking.  

3. Tag team AI: I'm sick of a team going for pin covers in the enemy half. Have them drag to their half for more realism (and an actual chance of pinning) 

4. AI positioning: only a few games previously I remember the AI would drag you away from the ropes to do a submission or pin. But in 23 they just do it wherever. It'd be nice to see that come back 

5. Dirty characters are dirty: they try and win in dirty ways haha how else can I explain it? I'd just like to see more of that because it seems to be extremely lacking. 

Transitions to backstage: backstage brawls are great. But it'd be awesome to be able to do it at any given time. Perhaps that's too much of an ask, but considering past games from much earlier had this, there must be a way to make it work. 

Spectator camera: when watching AI Vs AI or perhaps watching friends duke it out, having a spectator cam would be fantastic. Either a free cam, or being able to flick between different angles and shots would be an amazing feature. 

For Creation mode: 

Search function on move-sets, or, better tabs: if a keyword function isn't possible better tabs would be great. I'd like all DDT's in one place. All kicks, be it from the corner, top rope, middle of the ring, wherever. To be in one place. At the minute due to how many moves are in the game creating a move-set can take an extremely long time. Being able to filter to particular types of moves would be a godsend. 

More clothing variety: bit self explanatory. There's already a lot in there, I'm not unhappy with it, but obviously more is good. 

Choose clothing layer: being able to choose the layer of clothing would be good. Say you want a shirt to tuck into some pants, putting the pants higher in the object order list would do that. Maybe you want boots on the outside of your jeans rather than tucked under. Maybe you want a string vest to go on the outside of a T-shirt, just change the order. Pretty sure this existed in older games. 


I think that's about it, let me know what you think. I don't see these suggestions very often but I think they're pretty good and would substantially improve the game. 

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