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Diesel & Shawn Michaels (Dudes With Attitude)


Shawn Michaels & Sid / Bob Backlund / Jeff Jarrett & The Roadie 


British Bulldog / Owen Hart / Yokozuna


Razor Ramon


Undertaker / Bam Bam Bigelow / Savio Vega / Henry O. Godwinn / Fatu / Ahmed Johnson


Million Dollar Corporation (Ted DiBiase / Sid / 1-2-3 Kid / Tatanka / Kama / I.R.S. / King Kong Bundy / The Ringmaster / Xanta Klaus / Chris Benoit 


King Mabel & Sir Mo / Dean Douglas / Hunter Hearst Helmsley / Jerry “The King” Lawler / Isaac Yankem, DDS / Goldust / Jean Pierre Lafitte / Waylon Mercy 


Allied Powers (British Bulldog & Alex Luger) / Smoking Gunns (Bart & Billy Gunn / New Headshrinkers (Fatu & Sione) / Blu Brothers (Jacob & Eli Blu)


1-2-3 Kid / Marty Jannetty / Bob Holly / Hakushi / Aldo Montoya / Adam Bomb / Skip / Barry Horowitz / Tom Prichard / Rad Radford 


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9 hours ago, SLRaw said:

Thanks man ….I hope I bring a nostalgic feel for the board members lol

You do!  In fact, I am patiently waiting for the day when you go full on old school with early-80's WWF.  Greg Valentine, Don Muraco, Pedro Morales, Adrian Adonis have always been holy grails for me as CAW's.  They just seemingly defy the limitations of the game.  In any event, keep up the great work.

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