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The Current state of NWA...

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The other topic is archived. But, I just wanted to say...I don't know how this promotion has ended up where it is. Sure...they caught a rough break during the pandemic. That said, they should have actually had a better shot at surviving the pandemic than the bigger promotions did. Billy Corgan truly took something that was doing quite well on youtube, made it 'pay-per-view', and everything went to shit after that. - I don't want to mention specific spoilers. But, the current state of the NWA championship is now a joke. Aldis did a ton of hard work to actually make that belt mean something. And now it's a joke. Just sad...

What are your thoughts?

Does anyone actually still watch?

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The weird thing to me is they keep posting about the result and are in the mindset of like "well people who are complaing don't even watch" but like that means people are aware of your product and not watching for a very specific reason that's easily fixable. The only reason i could think that he won the title is that hes not gonna leave for any other company so hes the safe choice for them? Cardona is probably gonna go back to the WWE, Aldis has to be signing somewhere which leaves noone else really.

Powerrr should be back on youtube, they brought some really good talent to the dance and offered something legit different, it was such a easy and enjoyable watch every week. 

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I loved when it began what they did.
I liked the vibe and the style, a good Roster and good wrestling...its a shame what happened.
*Censored* it, we can spoil it since nobody watches it anyway...Tyrus as NWA champion is dogshit.

The dude has to be one if not THE Worst wrestler in the Business.
Not because of his god awful political views, but because he is a garbage Wrestler.

While i think Aldis is a weak wrestler, he put the work in to make this Title mean something.
And Corgan wasted that so that he can have Tyrus walk around at Fox news etc with the title while spewing conspiracy bullshit.

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Yeah, I mean...it's crazy to look back and see all those guys who jumped ship. Names like Eddie Kingston, Eli Drake, Aaron Stevens, Ricky Starks, etc. The product showed so much potential...and then it just became a more mainstream version of CYN. - It would be one thing if it was only Tyrus who had these kinds of thoughts...but, from what I've seen, NWA is an echo chamber of sorts for this type of "anti-woke" "shock" culture. It's really sad. I don't know how the product is generating any income whatsoever, and I assume that Billy is just funding it with his own tour money.

Also, I don't feel that the NWA is doing nearly enough of what it is that NWA thrives at doing...which is "forbidden door" type stuff. - It's interesting that a place like AEW has adopted that roll instead, when the NWA should literally be the glue that holds all the promotions together. (That's kinda what it represented in the past). 

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