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Saints Row (2022)

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Anyone playing this?

It has been pretty brutally massacred by the media...but, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. 

My review after playing for a few days is basically that it's a solid throwback to the first couple games. I haven't really experienced any of these so-called "game-breaking" glitches. (I know there is still time for this). But, honestly...it's just a pretty fun game for what it is. This seems to be the latest victim in the trend of absolutely shitting on games that "fell short" of being exactly what people personally wanted. I'm having very similar feelings towards SR'22 as I did for Cyberpunk. - (In other words, not without flaws...but still not nearly as janky or unplayable as people love to pretend it is).

 Anyway...just wanted to show this game some love at a time when it feels like only negative things are being said about it. I'm sure the price will be slashed in half by Christmas...so I'm not going to tell people they should rush out and play it right now. But, for me, it is a totally enjoyable experience as it stands...and I don't regret buying it early. - I think people often struggle with the "correct" way to play these open world games...and then leave negative reviews as a result. SR'22 very much feels like a game that should be experienced "as you go". Meaning...I don't think it's wise to rush through the story and then grind the open world aspects later. By doing a little bit of everything as I advance, I really think the game is every bit as enjoyable as I had hoped it would be.

Long story short...the original Saints Row was iconic for being a broken mess. If you enjoyed it anyway...then you should expect SR'22 to be nowhere near as broken and just as enjoyable.

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I havent really looked into it, but from what i gather...in general they tear the game apart for being Saints Row.
For being wonky, weird and over the top that makes barely any sense.
Outside of that it is allegedly really buggy.

I dont know, i havent thought about it because i already have so many games i have to finish before i can think about getting a new one.
So i havent looked much into the new Saints Row.

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Just finished the story yesterday which A LOT more things to do. I enjoyed the story overall. And I’m having a lot of fun with the ventures and the wanted app. 

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