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WWE 2K22 Texture Archive - WWE 2K22 1.18 Update


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Hi All,

As always whenever a new WWE 2K (maybe AEW soon) game is released I extract and share the in game wrestler textures for use of CAW creators, Texture mods for games and other purposes.

Click the spoiler below for the link to go to the site and download the files.

Please note the files are compressed in Zip format. Use the correct program to extract. (Winzip, 7zip, Winrar, etc.)

Also, textures are in DDS Format since it is the format 2K used. Files can be opened with the correct program. (Adobe Photoshop with DDS Plugin, Paint.net, etc.)

Credit to the creator of the Caketool I used to extract the files (HanleysFramer), without his tool this would not be possible.

Please credit me if you are going to share this files to other sites since it took time and effort to extract all the wrestler files in the game.

Old Texture Archives: (for other member who have not seen it)

WWE 2K22 Base game roster, All DLC and Current MyFaction textures extracted and uploaded. Go to the Folder "New DLC & Etc MyFaction" - New MyFaction Wrestlers are just attires (NXT Takeover) other textures may be repeated.

Also, please note that there are some duplicate wrestlers so I compressed those in one folder (ex. Rey Mysterio and Undertaker) and I also followed the wrestler naming done by 2K in their archive, so Hanson and Rowe were still used instead of Ivar and Erik. NPC Characters are in one Archive (Security, WWE Staff, Referee, MyRise NPC, Cole Quinn, Barron Blade, etc.) but Adam Pearce and other managers are separated from that. Also, look out for some extra textures like Adam Cole updated face texture in Eric Bischoff's archive. Even Andrade's face texture is in one of the wrestlers archive but is the wrinkled face not the normal one. And of course the complete texture of the deleted Bronson Reed (Jonah). There are also some remnants of WWE 2K20 files in there.

Thanks and Enjoy the textures!

WWE 2K22 Update 1.18 Textures (MyFaction) Andre The Giant not included since it is just his trunks.

WWE 12 DLC Textures (Requested)


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New Uploads - WWE 2K22 1.18 Update Textures
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Updated the thread. All DLC and current MyFaction textures are all uploaded. Go to the same link and find the "New DLC & Etc MyFaction" Folder. Click that and all new uploads will be there. Enjoy the textures!

Also added the updated but lame (edit by 2K) texture of Jeff Hardy with his new back tattoo. We'll just have to wait for AEW game for his proper updated texture if ever they go with the WWE 2K route with editable wrestlers.

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