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Wizard of Thays Random Creations

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Cool. I just redid her face texture as well.

Bob Holly and Sgt Slaughter Finished.

Ryback Face texture needs more work 

Tensais Tattoos have been removed from the game and I am terrified of recreating them 

Heather Monroe progressing ok 




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The hair is good, the face morphing needs a tiny bit tweaking.

In particular the head height and jaw.

I gave mine two of her classic attires so it depends if you wanna go the "winter" way

or katie lea way or katharina waters way(Indies). :)

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On 6/14/2022 at 8:06 AM, Wizard of thay said:

Dammit you're right! Stupid typo. Glad you like heather the attire was difficult and unsure about the hair

You could make the hair color a bit more white since her hair is more "platin blonde" then grey. :)

Would suggest you to try a few different tones and compare with her pictures.

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Redone Simon Miller's face texture but another version required.

Unsure about santinos hair and body  Any suggestions?

Kurt Angle looks good in-game. Happy with him.

Big show needs his tattoos sorting

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worked out why I wasn't enjoying Cawing that much this year.

I was creating people who are quite famous, appears that unless you are unappreciated then i wont enjoy making you. 

so new plan...

1) the great delete is coming. all NXT UK and most of my other caws will be deleted and gone. get them whilst they are hot. 

2) time to go back to indie and unappreciated. 

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The clearout has been completed and I have gone back to my happy place of unappreciated indie wrestlers.and am a lot happier already

This gent wrestles for MPW in california and more recently has turned up on championship wrestling from hollywood. 



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The reason I post caws here is not for praise but for genuine feedback so I can improve. However as you can see from this thread. I am not getting any. Is it something I am doing incorrectly, what would you like me to change or is the answer than it is not worth posting caws in here?

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