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max out on custom images?

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Is there a way to tell if you have max out on custom images, because there been a few CAW I have downloaded off of CC and when I go to edit them all the images aren't being displayed and when you go to edit them, they are blank in the box. Could this be that I have max out on custom images or could this be something else? I went in to delete not used images and at the time I notice all this there were 45 images that would not being used, but does this mean I now only have 45 spaces left? when I checked all the images and it doesn't tech go in number order 1-whatever but my highest number slot is 955. So I guess I am answering my own quesiton here and given I'm at 955 and just deleted 45, I guess you can only have a max of 1000 custom images slots. But when on the bottom it said data size 91/1024 MB..

Whatever help you can give me will be great thanks

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Easiest way to do this is to go to the Image Manager (in the online section) and then the deletion tool.  Once you scroll to the bottom of the list (you can press up to get there quicker) look for an image in the 900 range.  Whatever the highest number you have is where you're at and the MAX is 1000 images.  So if you're last piece shows 972, you'd have 28 images left you can download.

So basically what you are seeing/stating is correct.  I've basically learned that the max CAWs I can have is around 70 (which is still nice) and a few custom Areans before I hit my MAX.  Deleting/not using custom renders will help clear up space as well.

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Added extra info.

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