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BPW's Talent raid 2K22

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Livewire match card

Skull vs Laurant --submission match

Doom Squad vs Bad Girls (BPW women's tag team titles match)

Lori Braddock vs ????

Thrill Seekers vs Power & Glory (BPW tag team titles match)

Eliza Black vs Nora Perez(c) (BPW women's) --Fall count anywhere 

Ricky Rush vs Rob Donaldson(c) (BPW Internet) 

Casey Walker vs Damien Wildman(c) ( BPW World) 

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I will download him soon actually. @Luchafan88 

@Rekka_No_Ryo So I was thinking it maybe its time to turn our girl Lori to a heel?

Rising Blood match card

Originals vs Thrill Seekers for the BPW Tag titles (Tables Match)

Lori Braddock vs Connie Atwell (Falls count anywhere)

Laurant vs Ivan Rusev vs Ricky Rush for BPW Internet title (TLC match)

Sawyer Rekks vs Brandon Cross (Ambulance Match)

BTS vs Bad Girls for the BPW Womens Tag Titles (2 out of 3 falls match)

Nakada vs Ben Hayes (Last Man Standing match)

Amber Mitchell vs Nora Perex for the BPW Womens title (No holds Barred match)

Casey Walker vs Damien Wildman for the BPW World Title (Steel Cage match)

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GOLD HAUNT matchcard

Bad Girls vs Fitness Elite for the BPW  Women's tag titles

Ricky Rush vs Ben Hayes for the BPW Internet title

Nora Perez vs Jade for the BPW Women's title

Originals vs Thrill Seekers for the BPW Tag titles 

El loco vs Saint vs Keyu vs Casey Walker vs Sawyer Rekks vs Gary Masters ( Men's Golden Ticket Match)

Damien Wildman vs Bishop Black for the BPW World Title

Jessica Fox vs Adriana Star vs Lucia Belova vs Phoenix vs Lee vs Amber Mitchell (Women's Golden Ticket Match)

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Great stuff! I've never been able to watch a live show but I've watched every replay episode this season. Glad Caleb Rivera and Keyu have been doing well even though they both lost their titles on the last show(a little bit of a relief, I don't know when I'm gonna pick up 2K23 lmao). I was happy they got to tag on a previous show as well.

Meant to leave a comment a lot earlier but I'm generally only logged into here on my laptop and I use my phone for 99% of everything now lol.


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Yeah I’m glad you are watching it. Yeah Keyu has definitely been a standout star this season. Got a world title under his belt now. But he will be on Go for Broke facing Caleb so that should be interesting. GFB is our wrestle mania so it’s a big deal 

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Go for broke 

-Keyu vs Caleb Rivera (Extreme rules falls count anywhere)

-Amber Mitchell vs Nora Perez(c) for BPW Women’s title 

-Jessica Fox & Phoenix(c) vs Brooklyn & Gabriella for the BPW women’s tag titles

-Kenny Matsuda & Leon Santos & Evan Marceau vs Casey Walker & Ben Hayes & Edward Harrington (Finisher Frenzy)

-Brandon Cross vs Bishop Black vs Damien Wildman 

-Ivan Rusev vs Ricky Rush vs Saint vs Reks Bowser vs Ken Yamamoto vs Sawyer Reks (Rex invitational battle royale)

-Victor(c) vs Knock Out for the BPW World title 

-Tristan Masters(c) vs Gary Masters for the BPW internet title (MMA match)

-Eliza Black vs Adrianna Star (Best of Series finale)

-El loco & Even Wilson(c) vs El grapadura & Monarca Jr for the BPW Tag team titles 

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