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PRO WRESTLING MAYHEM has arrived in WWE 2k22 PS5


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Here is a custom video if Curtis's moves in the ring and showing off his bare knuckle fighting background. He is dirty and powerful as well as very quick with his strikes. Small glitches in the video, sorry but enjoy. Will be up for download on CC during the week.


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So i was not too thrilled on how Webster came out at first. So i upped hia gimmick and put him in a faction with Deuce Oxley(also did a complete makeover of his attire,hair,etc. Stull has either a female member or male member to att to the mix.

Here are some in game shots amd a render pic i worked on. Misery is coming.







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6 hours ago, XWF1000 said:

Nice Female Caw but when I get her, might make some changes. One is the Hair maybe & the second, hate to say this but it's her look. Just saying. Not going to go into details about that.  

Its all good. Lets see what you can improve on her. Let me know what you come up with.

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