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WCW 2K22 - Championship Belts - WCW Women's and 1993 TV Title

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 I'm back, and I wasn't kidding about doing better than "last year" (2K19).  I'm still on PS4, but make sure you have cross platform community creations enabled.   "View and share creations with other platforms (2K account required)" Make sure that's turned on.  I spent the last 3 years not playing any wrestling games.  But I have been working on logos for my creations.  This year I'm going for quality, not quantity, and I'm focusing on what I know best, which is WCW.  I think you'll see it pays off.  I was originally going to start with a women's belt or maybe even the Television belt, but there's a glitch where the nameplate keeps coming back during entrances.  So!  I have decided to focus on the THREE flavors of Big Gold!  The names in bold are what they'll be called in-game.  All of these big golds are connected by a common story.  Let's start with the big kahuna.

You can find all of my stuff with hashtags such as WarGreymon77 and WCW.


WCW World Heavyweight Championship (I forgot the all-caps when I uploaded it)

My 2K19 belt was okay, but I wanted something better.  I was searching online for the most authentic, WCW-accurate colors, designs, fonts, and 3D engraving.  Nothing was ever quite right.  Until I found this Top Rope Belts replica.  I thought it was perfect for recreating the WCW world title belt.  I thought for sure that it would be the best-looking in game.  But I was used to the way previous games would make everything look super bright.  It was too dark and 2D-looking until I changed the material.  Now it's looking more like the real thing.  This one lined up the best with the in-game plates.




I thought "That looks good but I wonder what an authentic all-gold WCW world title would like."  Yes, the original belt was two-tone and had a big ol' bend in it.  In the year 2000, the Big Gold Belt was getting a little worse for wear, so WCW hired a prop company called AFX Studios (same company that made stuff like Sting's Starrcade '97 attire and Mortis's costume) to cast the original belt and make the all-gold copies from that.  Two copies were made for Ready to Rumble, and a copy each was made for Jeff Jarrett (M.I.A. since Bash at the Beach 2000), Kevin Nash (apparently sold?), Scott Steiner, and DDP.  The original Big Gold Belt continued to be used regularly on TV however, until around January 2001 when Steiner allegedly switched the belt with his cast copy, and no one was the wiser.  More on the OG Big Gold later in this post.  So anyway, this is when the belt started to look a bit different on TV for obvious reasons--obvious in hindsight anyway.  Supposedly, this belt went with Booker T to the WWE, which made yet another copy and put the "original" in storage.  So the one you see during the Invasion is actually a copy of a copy.  Visually, this belt works for 2001-2003.  While looking for the most accurate plates to use, I came across something miraculous.  DDP's ACTUAL AFX Studios belt.  It doesn't get more accurate than that... well almost, as you'll see in belt number 3.  So I used that belt to make this one.




Coming across DDP's belt is pretty cool, but what about.  THE REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD!!  There's no replica here, boys!  At first I was just going to do this as a novelty.  I didn't expect it to look this good.  This is the ACTUAL, ORIGINAL Big Gold, as you may have seen the pictures surface on places like Twitter and Reddit.  Apparently it eventually found its way into the lucky hands of one Conrad Thompson, the guy from all the wrestling podcasts who also married Ric Flair's other daughter.

You can even see the dent at the top.  Look at how freaking 3D this thing looks!!  The wrestlers on the sideplates.  I know the nameplate isn't lined up perfectly but man, this might be my new favorite belt!  I even gave the belt a slight brown tinge as a hint to its original 1980s color.



So that makes TWO ACTUAL, TV used belts.  I think it feels pretty cool.


The Big Gold Belt Timeline:

  • The OG belt introduced in 1986, "retired" in Jan 2001
  • AFX Studios Scott Steiner belt introduced in Jan 2001
  • WWE apparently makes a cast copy of this cast copy, puts Steiner belt in storage
  • Spring 2001 - March 2003: Copy of a copy is used for the Alliance and first WWE WHC
  • 2003-2011: WWE gets J-Mar to make a new version with the WWE logo on it
  • 2011: briefly used Dave Millican version with a different look to it
  • 2011-end: new belt with red leather backing
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The last 2 belts are not really ligned up, the red diamonds are out of  place and not in their sockets, first one seem to be the best but also not perfect when it comes to all being alligned, great looking belts for sure

Edited by Patrickb1973

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Well it's about damn time.  I've waited months and months for 2K to fix the nameplate glitch.  Since they didn't do it, I had to find a workaround: use a different center plate that doesn't have a nameplate on it.  I didn't have time to get to the 1995-2000 based TV Championships, but I did manage to get these two belts done.


WCW Women's Championship



Yeah well, the text spacing on this second screen can't be helped...


WCW Television Championship 1993


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I got lucky with those two belts, but I've got some bad news.  None of the plate templates fit for the 1995-2000 TV title.  Which means... it's going to look like shit either way.  First thing I'm going to do is report the bug to 2K.  Next, I have a choice to make:


A. Upload them as-is, and have those ugly nameplates covering the front plate.

B. Use a different base plate and have ill-fitting plate pictures over it.

C. Wait for a patch, which might never come.

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