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WWE 2K22 Entrance Theme Replacement Thread


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In this thread We’ll Try to find suitable themes for people that don’t have any

So let’s get the obvious out of the Way

Bad Bunny uses Booker T the soundtrack song yes you can select soundtrack songs for entrance music now

Same goes for Poppy and Say Cheese

Lately I discovered Tegan Nox Theme works for Mark Andrews in case you wanted to use a theme for him

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10 hours ago, Fenrir Vanagandr said:

I used “Happy Song” for Paige, cuz it kinda had the same vibe.

Dakota Kai's also works for Paige. 

"Hollywood sucks/ /" would be a great fit for Cora Jade.


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Anyone got any suggestions for Mace’s new theme from his recent dark match?


I’m currently using NXT: Stand and Deliver. Anyone got any ideas for something that’s closer to the music linked above? Preferably from the generic or show themes. I prefer to avoid using other wrestlers’ themes unless they’re teammates or something (so I may give him LA Knight’s once that DLC comes out, if nothing fits better).

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