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On 9/11/2022 at 1:25 PM, Dr. Fumbles said:

Thanks; I'm pretty sure Kiyori needs the Stand back DLC, because of the Kiebler top.

Thank ya, I'll keep that in mind. Only grabbed two of the five packs

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Appreciate ya. Your creations have made up the bulk of my women's roster and I cant thank you enough.  I even put one of my buddies on to your work and he scooped up a handful as well for his women's roster.

This is his YVSwrestling channel:


And WWA is mine: 


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23 hours ago, Dr. Fumbles said:

Guess I'll see you Cats again on the 14th; gonna have some cuts for the 2k23 roster (really starting to hate/dread the roster buildup). I Have some more rookie/new attire showcases to display here, in the coming weeks.


Your work is appreciated I can guarantee that . Is it cooling if I make.some requests for some women to bring back for 23? A good handful of your creations make up  part of my women's division.

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9 hours ago, Dr. Fumbles said:

Thanks; Sure go ahead.

The Rivera Clan


High Society

Fitness Elite

Carmine Day

Cathy Hollis



Kiyori Toda


Rita Murphy

Sonya Cruise.


Hooligans (trina & marianna) were my inaugural  women's Tag Champions. High Society was the most successful and longest reigning. Carmine was our first womens Rumble winner. Murphy was a very brief but former women's Intercontinental champion as was Evie. Sonya is a big favorite, Fitness elite are starting to get their feet under them and Johari stays in the mix. And i love Kiyori Toda.

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