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Me again, showcasing my fictitious characters, pretend fighting in their underwear. starting off with the usuals:

Nora Perez:


Jenna Jordan


Belle Ramsland


Kiyori Toda



These 4 are up (with the usual akira19 tag), along with Cathy Hollis (newcomer from late 2k19) and Katie Gladwin....don't have the shots yet to make said showcases, though. Faces might be a bit weird now due to the opacity bug as well...

Also bit of a preview for today:


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These are dope. I love creating my own people way more than playing the game now. I have definitely taken ideas from your creations before.

Is 2k22 an upgrade for CAWS at all? That’s pretty much all I do on these games and if it’s not much different to 2k20 then I’ll wait for a newer game.

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Compared to 20? ABSOLUTELY! There are some things I wish it did like 19 however, like materials on gear.


Materials affecting custom logos really helps pop them out more. That and there's some really odd conflicts; but other than that, I've been enjoying so far.

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Looking good, sir. Not for nothing, but all of the folk who have been adamant about how CAS mode is "trash" because a few features are missing are being over dramatic. There were games where the mode was LEAPS AND BOUNDS WORSE then 2K22's and people still dove into it. Real ones make quality characters in spite of mode limitations.

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1 hour ago, judas priest superstar said:

you and @Oz70NYC are the reason why these games get played a lot, your creations have been holding it down for me for years, so excited to see what you guys can do this year with this game

The other person that is responsible for me liking CAWS is FINETUNE Gaming aka X3CAW who is @Oz70NYC's Brother. He is a CAW legend too. KING DW or WDW or whatever his Youtube name is is one of them too but those 2 have refused to do WWE 2k22 due to them thinking that the Creation suite has been downgraded or TRASH whatever they said. Maybe they are right but not an expert on CAW making. 

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Jenna is looking greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat dude, good lawd. I gotta second Eliza, prolly the only original superstar I ever downloaded two separate years. Looking forward to Hollie Jade as well and always wonder how Davey comes out year to year assuming she returns.

Are you gonna do any of those VG characters to wrestler things this year? Those were pretty cool

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Always been a huge fan of your CAWs. I took a break from having original creations in my games for a few games, but as 2K22 is so fun, I can see myself playing it for a long time and an original universe is a great way to extend the fun. Will for sure be adding your work to my game. 

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Thanks guys; appreciate it.

Veronica Paige will probably be up next, though she's getting a bit of a revamp, due to materials for gear not working with custom logos. Ideally her last 19 edit was this (with an added sidebar to the briefs and bra). I really started to get the hang of simple bordering/trims...




Placement is not so much an issue, but it just doesn't pop without being affected by satin or velour materials. So I've been toying round with "cleopatra" parts and a leotard/long boots:


Counting it as more an evolution of gear, I suppose. When uploaded, she'll come with both sets of gear, in the event that, they actually fix caw materials....

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9 hours ago, Dr. Fumbles said:

Fitness Elite is back; Angela White is up, Sally Jay will be uploaded later tonight.


Fitness Elite? That is Interesting! I'll try to get Sally Jay later this week but got Angela White. Can you PM me & tell me what are there Entrances, Victory & Tag Team Finisher if you can? The reason is that I don't want to see my reply to be wasted on being posted on this Page or Topic whatever you called it. Thanks. 

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