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Official WWE 2K22 Info/Discussion Thread II

Jeb ★

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52 minutes ago, CROSS-Out said:

there is an indication a story will change your alignment, its a small symbol typically in the corner, green for face, red for heel. has a lucha mask on it.

I know that but in the occassions I said it wasn't there. In other occassions it was even in the conversation chat so you could select or at the top of the text.

Anyway, I'm stuck in a championship ladder match with toni storm because the so called mini game won't start when I'm at the top of the ladder no matter how close I'm and what button I used to grab the belt.

Toni has taken like 50 finishers and signatures by now(I even throw her out of the ring with no energy at all and numb aswell) and she still would just stand up to try to take me out or to interrupt me from going up the ladder throwing me down with it.

EDIT: finally the mini game started and I was able to pick up the win but the match lasted like FOREVER. I'll surely don't want to play another such match ever again.

However after I had the title triple H wrote me that since I'm on NXT and the NXT UK Title belongs to UK I can't keep it so he stripped me from the title. 

SO annoying!

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7 hours ago, J-man89 said:

Would love to know the size you made, that looks perfect, and yeah we definitely need a section dedicated to custom renders for everyone to be able to use. We need renders for everyone in the game as well since for alt attires we need custom renders for them.

Will be sharing later the pic I used, will just make an adjustment on the photo and try it in the game later after I'm done with work.

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so Lacey evans won MITB and I’m trying to apply the briefcase to her under the EDIT CHAMPIONSHIPS & MITB tabs…i choose a slot then select a briefcase but then the target championship stays stuck on WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and I can’t change it to a female title to assign it to Lacey, anybody else having this problem?

how can I fix it?

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Also one more thing. As much as wrestling is a wrestling match, the promos are just as important to a show. I hope 2k can think outside the box and do something similar to story creator where we can just build our own stories and play them out without universe mode or gm mode having to be attached to it. Idk how far this thought can go just being part of this discussion thread but it would be great for the future in my eyes.

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