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Things You Hate About WWE2K22

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On 6/17/2022 at 4:27 PM, Jay Mace said:

I hate having to press L1 to do springboard moves. It slows me down and gives my opponent time to recover.


Sometimes springboards don't work when I'm on the apron. If I try to springboard to the outside my wrestler just drops off the apron. And sometimes when I springboard into the ring my wrestler does nothing or just gets back into the ring.

I find it okay to use but i did notice that stuff isnt working as it should in terms of Springboard, a lot of the moves have a strange targeting or i sometimes do splashes etc to opponents who stand because the game registers it as them still lying on the floor.

Springboard is one of the things where it feels noticeable at times that something *censored*ed it up and the AI on it.
I assume that maybe the whole combo feature is breaking the basic gameplay and all surrounding it, because it dont know what else could be the problem.

Anway...as with every year...the thing i hate is the Mapping and fade away in create mode.
Cant do simple attires with logos, sleeve tattoos get *censored*ed up because it cuts off on the shoulder and you have a incredible hard time rounding the sleeves on the top because the mapping either way makes it look ugly or fades the logo away too much that its pointless.

It is so annoying how overly complicated it is to do stuff.
It shouldnt be that you need 3-4 logos for a full sleeve tattoo, you should only need one and be able to stretch it how you want.
You shouldnt need 4-5 logos for simple stripes or so on the tights because for some dumb reason it cuts off on the upper thigh.

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The first thing that really took me out of this game was that they just up and got rid of advanced create an entrance. They didn’t even consider patching it back in at some point, like they’ve done with Create A Championship? It makes them look bad when we had so many customizable features in games long past that we want back (Create A Finisher, Create A Taunt, custom crowd signs, custom music, etc.) and they’re having trouble getting custom entrances right….something we’ve had zero problem with for years. It’s a videogame. I give two shits about some clipping..maybe that’s just me.

Every time, I have to ask myself “Is this my last WWE game?” because the people making it go further and further away from my vision of what the perfect wrestling game could and should be and should play like. I thought 2K22 was taking a step into the future of the pro wrestling game genre. Instead, it took several steps back. I’ve said it before, but there is no limit to the amount of things I should be able to do in a 2022 wrestling game. It should be somewhat open world with MDickie as a consultant, GM mode should be crazy detailed and fun with Adam Ryland as a consultant, if they don’t follow the product and don’t have a love or passion for the wrestling/ wrestling game product, then hire consultants who do and aren’t afraid to let you know when something sucks and why it sucks. Anyway I’m done ranting…

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