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Things You Love About WWE2K22

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As much as I'm iffy about the combo system, I do love the added amount of options for moves. It allows for more tailored  style for the wrestlers. Have a wrestler like the Young Bucks who spams superkicks? You can fill up the combo enders with like 12 variants of the superkick. Have a submission specialist that likes to go for the arms? Set a bunch of it in combo enders (giving Kushida the Hammerlock submission as a combo ender is kinda nice in a "WAY too early attempt at the hoverboard lock in this match" feel).

The reanimated versions of the moves have been great too. Finally a nice looking Standing Shooting Star Press. I remember being torn between setting that or the shooting star headbutt, since the original shooting star was DISTINCTLY Neville/PAC's.

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AI fights have been enjoyable to watch. Sometimes it's a complete botchfest but there's also moments when it does awesome stuff. Something I did notice is that after changing movesets I seem to get very few dynamic camera angles, as if they're connected to specific moves. That was a bit dissapointing because I feel the camera angles make matches feel more spectacular.

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It's the most fun I've had actually playing a wrestling game in a long time. I was wary (not really freaking out like some people were) when the new control scheme was revealed but it really works well and has a "flow" that's frankly unprecedented. Yeah it sacrificed chain wrestling and transitional grapples (outside of carry moves) but I actually prefer how this plays to any other Yukes/2K game in the last decade.

I'm just starting in both MyRise and MyFaction and I'm liking what I'm seeing from both, i.e. they both offer lots to do and you're not "punished" for avoiding the MicroTransactions.

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Gameplay is actually good. I was worried but im loving it so far. I thought that having to collar and elbow would be a lot more annoying and noticeable, but it really hasn't. I still prefer 2k19s controls, but the reversal system this year is much better and actually fun. AI is also much smarter this year. 

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Guest Fight Me.

On top of the soundtrack being available as entrance music, I like the addition of PPV themes as well. I think the Fastlane 2021 theme goes well with my CAW.

Also, crazy to think some of these other generic themes have been in the game for about a decade now haha.

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I think it's pretty awesome that Bianca Belair has a unique strike attack that uses her ponytail as a whip.

Here's hoping she doesn't lose it at wrestlemania, thus making that part of her in-game character outdated.

Also, the MyFaction thing is the first time that I've had ANY interest in a card game. Unlike sports sims which can be a slog to play through, these matches are always fun to work through and having different objectives keeps it "somewhat" fresh, provided you don't try to kamikaze everything. I don't play it every day but when I do, I usually play it quite a bit (by my standard, anyway).

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I wouldnt say "Love", but i currently really enjoy looking for myfaction streams or videos.
The mode does look like a lot of fun, which surprises me since before the release, i expected this to be the worst mode.

I really enjoy the mode.
The only negative is that you dont really have a lot of variety in your match actions, you always have the same tasks.
And the mode isnt one that keeps you interested for great lenghts.

Once you finished proving grounds, caught up to the weekly towers...the mode has little left.
Unless you just wanna collect cards, there is nothing that keeps people from playing the mode in 7-8 months.

Would have been cool if they would have made it possible for every card to be able to evolve and give the cards more than just changing stats.
I mean for example Mcintrye, you have several of his trunks in the creation suite, so it would have been cool if different of his cards would have at least different attires.
But as it is, no matter what card for a superstar you get, they all have the same attire.
Something like that would give the card collecting some form of value beyond stats that barely matter.

But all in all, i really enjoy the mode and i do look forward to playing it myself down the line. 

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