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DLC Discussion Thread (All DLC packs available)

Jeb ★

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4 minutes ago, WarGreymon77 said:

Season pass is 40 *censored*ing dollars this year.  Remember when it was more like $15?  I think this is their way of pushing you towards Deluxe.

They don't sell the physical edition of deluxe here in my country (and I like to collect the disk version of WWE games)

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Banzai Pack* (April 26)
- Yokozuna
- Umaga
- Rikishi
- Omos
- Kacy Catanzaro

Most Wanted Pack* (May 17)
- Cactus Jack
- The Boogeyman
- Vader
- Ilja Dragunov
- Indi Hartwell

Stand Back Pack* (June 7)
- Hurricane Helms
- Stacy Keibler
- A-Kid
- Wes Lee
- Nash Carter

Clowning Around Pack* (June 28)
- Doink the Clown
- Ronda Rousey
- The British Bulldog
- Mr. T
- Doudrop
- Rick Boogs

The Whole Dam Pack* (July 19)
- Rob Van Dam
- Logan Paul
- Machine Gun Kelly
- LA Knight
- Xia Li
- Commander Azeez
- Sarray

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8 minutes ago, Bushy. said:

Man that DLC list is crazy ! Good shit 2K. Minus some people, we got mostly everyone we wanted. 

edit: nvm. People are still complaining anyways lmao 

cuz it  weak list lot these guys been in the game as regular guys for years like vader  and others not worth dlc price like doink  for the price ur paying  it not worth it 

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18 minutes ago, WarGreymon77 said:

I'm glad y'all like it, because this looks like the worst DLC offering we've ever had.  I will enjoy the purple Undertaker and the arenas from the nWo pack, though.


And would like to see how they do on Stacy.

Lmao, did you forget the garbage that was 2K20? They could release you a picture of a turd and it would better than 2k20 dlc.

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wow. So no moves pack this year. And no NXT 2.0 ppl.  That means they did not use the extra 5 months they had with the delay to add to the DLC. As the new cut off for DLC should've been moved up to the Fall. And that would have allowed them enough time to give us Bron Breakker and some other stand outs from the relaunch of NXT.

And it sucks to not be able to have a complete main roster. Still no Ridge/Shanky/Veer/Zelina/Aliyah/Reggie/Lita/Madcap Moss.

But im thankful for Omos/Doudrop/Xia Li/Rick Boogs to add to the main rosters.

And this is one of the best Legends DLC offerings i can think of. Umaga/Doink/Boogey Man/Hurricane have been my TOP Legends wants for years.

then u throw in LA Knight and Ilja Dragonuv. Two more crucial new additions

whomst tf is A-Kidd?

Mr. T's kinda useless without 80's Hulk to me. And im okay with Logan Paul and MGK but Bad Bunny would be more important to include than both of these guys

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