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Bugs & Glitches Thread

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trying to do a move to an opponent who has just climbed the top rope. There is a delay before you can do anything. And i dont mean while they are climbing. I mean while ur opponent is just waiting there on the buckle.

Diving moves dont work half the time to a standing opponent. Especially if you are within 2 feet of the turnbuckle.

Clothesline 14 barely works. It connects maybe 20% of the time.

the "Stomp to Foot" animations in Dakota Kai and Asuka's combos only connect 20% of the time as well.

Referee doesn't move. Just stands there like a mannequin most of the match

when the referee isn't frozen in place. He runs around like an idiot

Irish Whip Rebound moves still dont connect very well. Just like in 2k20 ur opponent just runs into u half the time.

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many of the Warm-up (pre-match) taunts are ruined. 

Hands on Hips

Blow Kiss

Knee Pad Check

Hair Flip

Pacing 1 & 2

none of these do what they say and they are all just generic shuffling feet and swing arms animations now. Instead of the unique animations that they were before

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in Custom Move-Set using the triggers to Page Up/Down after using bumper buttons in the lower part of the alpabetical order of moves....when starting from top at NONE...it will page down to near the letter where you  were previously. Instead of paging down from the beginning of the alphabet

ie; starting at NONE instead of paging down to letter A, then letter B. It may page down to letter W or where ever you were before

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It is still so damn weird that Io Shirai’s moonsault doesn’t work.

Furthermore using any Bump in The Night related crowd signs will restrict people who don’t have “DLC Pack 10” from downloading your caw.

Apparently some people on Reddit couldn’t download my caw because of this. I defaulted move-sets and everything, but turns out it was the ‘Bump’ crowd signs that did it.

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when changing Combo Enders it might change the one ur looking at to the move u just changed in a different string.

even if the previous ender you changed was a rear strike. And the current string u are looking at is a front facing combo. Which can result in Rear Superkick and other rear moves being used as a front heavy attack

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Custom arenas in exhibition are only showing two of eight that I downloaded. They're both incorrectly labeled as what they really are as well.

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On 3/13/2022 at 8:32 PM, Gamezman40 said:

Weird sort of Universe problem:

I managed to set up an AEW show (for example, dynamite), but there seems to be no option to "import show" when trying to set up Revolution or the like. What gives?

You need to create a show in creations to be able to import, then it should say "import show" at the bottom as triangle/y > select > edit > save. If you have created a show you might have to recreate again if it doesn't recognize it in universe.

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Im getting really, really tired of diving moves not hitting when they should.

Also Austin Theory's Ataxia appears to not do any damage. Because that bug was SO fun in 2K20, right?

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Just like for 2K20, after the early patches the sweat mechanic is broken again.
Superstars and Caws don't show sweat signs during victory scenes.
When the victory scene is over and the superstar freeze at the end, then suddenly the sweat appears.
It's even worse for caws, they just sweat from head to neck during matches, the sweat doesn't appear after the neck (after the texture seam of the neck).
(It's easy to check with Highlight Real during a match)
Did the Tech Art guys forgot to check a box to allow sweat on the body material......?

It's the exact same bug as 2K20, I create a ticket 2 years ago about the very same issue and nothing changed back then.
I'm not going top waste my time this year.
The dev team has to read those threads, that's all.

This is no AAA quality and I didn't pay that much money for a game, HOPING everything is going to work the way it should.

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