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On 10/12/2023 at 7:19 PM, Generations said:

Maybe because there's more value to people than television ratings. Maybe because WWE didn't want to pay Edge what he was willing to work for...and the guy is still a legend who deserves work? Maybe because giving fans Edge and Christian again is the right thing to do. I dunno...there are tons of reasons.

Also...I don't know how many times it bears repeating that every single appearance Copeland has made thus far has been under unusual circumstances...be it airdate changes, cable companies messing up the listings, etc. The guy hasn't even had a single fair crack at normal ratings. Why are we acting like he's a proven failure? Lmao.

From what it seems WWE and Edge did want to work together but WWE just didn't have anything for him.

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Don't know how true this is...but I never enjoy the promos that get personal for no reason...




Lazy banter from two guys who are definitely above that. And you hate to see it...whether the reports of them being legit upset are accurate or not. It wasn't a good look for anyone and didn't do anything to further any feuds or make either guy look good. Again...I blame the lack of writers and the "go out there and wing it" nature of AEW. Of course, if you have no direction with your promo, you'll gravitate towards saying the easiest of insults.

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Didn't know where to put this

Credit pwinsider 

The Bunny has left AEW.  

Sources tell PWInsider.com that the two sides mutually agreed to part ways.  We have not heard any additional details at this time.

Bunny, formerly Allie in Impact Wrestling, had been with AEW since it March 2019.   She was removed from the company's online roster today

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Appeeantly Jericho stated this recently, more cracks in aew's foundation?

Chris Jericho: “I say this all the time in AEW, I think everybody could use six months working for Vince McMahon. Because that’s what you really understand what wrestling is, the wrestling business and how the business works.”


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The Jericho shit is par for the course at this point.

It's a shame, because the chatter today should be about World's End and the build towards those matches. - Even if Khan refuses to act on these accusations or do anything immediately/directly about Jericho, he should really be winding down Jericho's contract anyway. Man has brought nothing positive to the product in absolute ages. Now he's gone from doing nothing positive, to routinely bringing heat. 

Hell...look at the match he's booked in, anyway...an 8 man tag with people who definitely have better shit to do. Sting is retiring soon. Couldn't he be winding down with some dream opponents? Couldn't Tony bring in some legends for one-off matches? Couldn't they do anything more worthwhile? Same goes for the returning Sammy Guevara. Right back to being Jericho's stooge. No reason for it. Starks and Bill could have an actual tag title defense. Everyone in that match is being put on ice to placate Jericho. It's a recurring theme. 


Pull the match. Rearrange some things. Send Jericho home to drink Grey Goose and rant on twitter.

Everyone will be better off. 

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There's no investigation, doubt there will be one...and they will continue to shove Jericho down our throats even though literally no one is on board with his bullshit in 2024. - The fact that he not only still appeared at World's End, but his team actually won...that says everything. - Could have pulled him and made it a 6 man match. Could have kept him in, but had him take the pin. Could have done any number of things differently. - They very specifically kept him on the winning side, despite having 'go-away' heat.

The most that I would expect them to do, is to keep him off tv for 2 or 3 weeks, and then just act like nothing happened. - For whatever reason, AEW brass really put high stock in Jericho. Any charisma or draw the guy had fizzled out years ago...but they're determined to treat him like a top draw for whatever reason.

None of this bodes well for the Punk situation either. Like...a group of workers having a mutual argument/fight is nowhere near as bad as a worker sexually accosting another. If you fired Punk for merely having problems with his coworkers, then you can't keep Jericho for what amounts to literal assault. Whether he physically did anything to Kylie or not, it's assault. She felt abused to the point of leaving a pretty major employment opportunity.

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Also wild that outlets are claiming it was a "bloody brawl"...when the blood came from the post-match, not the altercation itself. Perry was busted open from the windshield and other spots. Like...maybe they were getting blood around the place by shoving each other and whatnot. But, calling it a "bloody brawl" is irresponsible reporting. That's an obvious attempt at making it sound like they were cutting each other open with slashing elbows, or broken noses or something.

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Darby Allin is climbing Mt Everest on March 27th, and I honestly think this is how he dies. - This isn't something you can overcome by sheer will of mind over matter. It isn't the typical "car crash" resiliency that Darby is used to. People die there. There are hundreds of bodies on the mountain that people step over when they climb. People freeze to death, they run out of oxygen. Darby weighs 175lbs and I don't think he has any sort of conditioning for doing such a thing.

Furthermore, if he does die up there, he will likely be left there...because it risks other people's lives to bring people down. Darby is a risk taker, and the Mt Everest climb is the exact opposite of that. You cannot take risks. You need to do that climb perfectly, by the books.

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