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AEW Drama


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If Punk when to the Elite and they laughed him off why didn't he go to Khan??

This is all a product of a bitter old man with skin thinner than a fresh burn victim not being able to take a line in a wrestling promo.


But yeah it was really cool when Punk called Triple H a doofus whos only in charge due to his marriage, or said Dwayne doesn't care about the WWE he cares about the paycheck, or how he always says *Censored* Hulk Hogan for being a prick when he is just as much of a prick.

How come when Punk shit all over Kingston, Eddie never took a swing or anything against him? But Paige does it and is so subtle that noone but Punk realized and its a huge issue. 

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Found on reddit...

Another 2 hours of  "ain't my booking great" masturbation  time..

Nick Hausman: “I just got word that AEW will have media scrums after Full Gear! Thank you to @TonyKhan for continuing to do them. I’ll be there on behalf of @WrestlingInc. Let’s have some fun!”

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When asked if he thought he may still face Punk at some point in the future, Starks replied, "I would hope so, I really do. I thought Punk, (William) Regal, these people that came in were great additions to the locker room. Great additions in terms of what they provided. I know, personally, I was able to talk to Punk a lot and get help on my promos and things like that. Same with Regal, because I've known him for so long. It was kind of a blow that both of these guys left. I am hopeful that down the line I do get that matchup. If not, I get it, that's how the business is, but it would be nice. It would be nice to be able to work with somebody of that caliber because I've yet to work with, besides Sting, I've yet to work with somebody of such a high caliber, and the Sting match was a year or two ago."

Source: https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/ricky-starks-it-would-have-been-great-have-match-cm-punk-i-was-always-able-talk-him


See, Ricky gets it. Guys like Adam Page don’t get it and that’s why they’re not as talented as guys like Ricky. If there’s someone who desperately needs help with their promos and delivery it’s Adam Page. It’s a shame he has the mindset that he has, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re brought up by the Elite.

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Sadly, AEW just ain't the place. - They really had the chance to be "the place"...but, have consistently shown that they might be even more tone-deaf than somewhere like Impact or NWA. People like Starks and MJF know how to build themselves up regardless of the environment they're in. Both of those guys were stars even when they were in places like MLW and NWA. And they will honestly be bigger stars when they inevitably leave AEW. - Sad, but true.

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