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DPW Caw Showcase

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I’m Zapow, I will show the CAWs I created where I reimagine Spit-Fire233’s Wrestlers if they were created in 2K19

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Damon Wolfe

Height: 6’3

Weight: 235

From: St. Paul, Minnesota

Theme Song: Of Wolf And Man by Metallica

Here’s Damon Wolfe who is the top guy in the company, he’s a noble and heroic wrestler who does the technical style of wrestling and he based himself around wolves hence his last name. He’s very string willed and unwilling to back down rom a fight. He has a loyal fanbase that he calls “The Back”.





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Paul Alexander

From: Los Angeles, California

Height: 5’10

Weight: 197

Theme Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

Next up is the famous Hollywood stuntman turned pro wrestler Paul Alexander. A very confident yet cocky individual is one of the top cruiserweights in the DPW division, he likes to perform risky moves on the run apron and barricade whenever he be doing some aerial moves in matches





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