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Mox is lame. Rest of the group is solid, for me. 

My main complaint is with keeping the BCC name, when the only guy related to Blackpool is long gone. - Would it be that hard to change the name? Anyway, I have a broader complaint with all the stables in general. - It's obviously an attempt to keep most of the biggest names away from the world title scene. And, for what reason? So we can have this "four pillars" tournament with a bunch of guys that nobody really considered to be the pillars of anything?

Just let singles guys compete for singles titles. None of these belts really mean anything because OC is holding the International title hostage. Jade is holding the TBS title hostage. And the TNT title does actually change hands...but, it kinda just gets tossed back and forth between the same few people. 

Just make a competitive environment where those belts have real challengers and actually change hands. Quit putting everyone in stables as an excuse to keep them away from singles titles. I mean...why are your workhorse belts being held indefinitely by one or two people? That shit is backwards. 


Also, as it pertains to BCC specifically...stop doing the screwdriver schtick. - Doing the thing where a wrestler "loses an eye", has to wear an eyepatch, then miraculously has their eye back a few months later is one of the worst wrestling tropes. Even just the stabbing attacks with the screwdriver are dumb. They don't look real, they feel over the top...they don't contribute anything to anything.

I've been enjoying BCC with the addition of Danielson. But having an actual direction is still necessary for making any sort of point or being a draw of any sort. - If all they do is randomly attack people...then I'm already losing interest.

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For those who are asking how AEW pulled off the surprise debut of former NXT star Roderick Strong earlier this week, this is the basic timeline PWInsider.com has been able to put together:

*Strong's WWE deal  actually expired in November of last year.

*Since WWE does not announce NXT departures and it wasn't a release but a contract ending, it flew under the radar.

*It was so under the radar, he was listed on WWE.com well after he debuted for AEW.

*Strong had been banged up, so he chose to take time off to get ready for the next stage of his career.

*He and AEW had been quietly talking for some time about him coming in and came to a deal.

*The debut was timed for after Adam Cole's return and locally in Florida (where he lives) to prevent Strong from being spotted traveling.

*He was kept hidden until it was time for his appearance.

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It was a really weak debut. They did a great job of keeping it a secret...and it definitely took me by surprise. BUT...the actual circumstances and sequence of events leading up to it were poorly handled. - At the very least, they definitely shouldn't have sent Orange Cassidy out there first. I'm beyond exhausted with everything that guy touches.

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Everything about Rampage feels like it's booked better than Dynamite.


Jay White and Juice opening the show. - Bullet Club boys on the B-show? / Hardys and Hook backstage segment. /Tay Melo and Sammy having a good segment where she tries to remind him that he wants to be a world champion, doesn't need money, and doesn't even like MJF. 


Every single thing is more coherent than the stuff they put on Dynamite. 

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That Cole/Jericho backstage fight was staged very poorly. Very fake. And that slap from Britt was weak.

Moxley sounds like shit. His voice sounds rough.

That hair dye spray (or whatever it is) does not work. It’s so faint and unreadable.

That was very flatly delivered promo from Omega.

Fun main event. Really enjoyed MJF’s heel stuff.

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Hoping for that hard brand split.

Keep the Elite, JAS, BCC and the rest of that club on Dynamite and I can watch Collision going forward. 

However if its still Tony booking it, then it's going be the same old slop albeit with more tolerable talent. 

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I hate brand splits with a passion, and I don't think AEW has a strong enough roster to manage one. 

But...I also don't think AEW can get much more stale than it has been in recent memory, so...I guess anything is worth a shot at this point.

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What I miss? Why are all these guys in this match together? Why are OC and Darby tagging? Why are they facing these Firm guys?

What a cold ass tag. OC is such an awful wrestler. Just terrible.

Nice try contriving a needless ladder match for DON. Do ppl genuinely think that’s good booking?

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They let this nobody do two tombstone piledrivers and then have OC kick out. Ok.

And a rollup is the finish… lol What an awful match. Completely clueless. OC is the one of the worst wrestlers there is rn.

I don’t like Jay White’s facial hair.

Dax blindly piledriving Mark was so ridiculous.

Whats going on with Taya? I thought she was good? She’s been so sloppy and not very sharp.

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