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What's up with mjf's piss poor booking lately?

Always the same promo and program leading up to a match.

I thought this guy was special,now he's just another poorly booked Champion booked by the snowman..

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Evil Uno trying to be intimidating is embarrassing to watch.

Actually watching anything Evil Uno is embarrassing now that I think about it…

Yuta has zero bass in his voice. He sounds so whiny and geeky.

Why does the first match have to be this long every. single. week? It’s so predictable and uncreative.

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Found on facebook,haven't laughed this much for quite some time..


AEW President Tony Khan was voted as the 2022 “Booker of the Year” by readers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Khan was also won the award in 2021.

AEW also dominated other categories in the Observer awards including Wrestler of the Year (Jon Moxley), Tag Team of the Year (FTR), Best Weekly TV Show (Dynamite), and Promotion of the Year

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Wow...yeah, that's bad. I mean...I agree with FTR, and that's about it. Also, FTR was kinda snubbed by AEW, so it's hard to even include them as part of the AEW collective. Their best work has been outside of an AEW ring. Mox is subjectively wrong...but, whatever. Best weekly show being Dynamite and best booker being TK are truly hilarious. Those are both objectively false claims. Lol.

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I've actually never been huge on MJF. - I watched him back in MLW, and I knew that he would make it to a main roster somewhere...but, I never saw him as a headliner. (That still hasn't really changed for me). - He relies too heavily on pure shock value, IMO. - I tend to prefer a more natural promo. 

I realize that any true heel promo is going to seem somewhat forced, because the person is playing a character. BUT...I still prefer something like a Bastard PAC promo or a LA Knight promo over the chickenshit MJF style of things. - The recent number he did about crashing his car and switching seats with his girlfriend at the time was honestly just cheap heat for me. I didn't care for it nearly as much as everyone else seemed to...and this has been a recurring theme for me with all of his promos, tbh. - He talks a lot and he talks for a long time. He speaks well. BUT...sometimes it's too much, and I'm ready for the promo to just end.

Honestly, I was intrigued by his brief window of face work. But then they took the obvious route of going right back to a chickenshit heel and I lost interest again. - It's kinda at the point where I know everything he's going to do before he does it. - I'm not invested.

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Let this tool get counted out…

Anyone else get triggered whenever OC tries to fix his hair when he’s down? lol


Black has one decent feud in his entire AEW run so far and that was with Cody.

I bet Elite and HOB think they’ve done a suitable with building this feud. Absolute bare minimum. If that’s all for this feud tonight, then wow…

Random Hobbs sighting.

Shitty ladder match. Worthless, contrived stunts.

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“I hate violence.” - Adam Page. Bro, you’re in the wrong business. The whole point of this shit is to fight other people and incapacitate them… I swear he’s says the dumbest shit.

Christian speaking facts.

That Jungle Boy video was soooooo cheesy. Hahahaha

This episode has Elite written all over it.

Thats it? No joker? The point of this was to just get OC a PPV payday? There’s absolutely no reason for this tag title match to be a four-way. It’s so forced.

MJF/Bryan are only given four mins to build their match? What the *Censored*?

Well, they made the best out of the situation. Wanted some comments from MJF, but Bryan did a tremendous job at selling the match. Really terrific. This was the only worthwhile thing on this show — the rest was mostly ass.

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