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I thought Ricky, MJF, and Daniel Bryan were all good. The FTR/Guns match was pretty good, too. The Swerve/Keith segment was embarrassingly bad and very amateurish. Elite was the same old crap except with weapons; total bore. Mox’s promo tickled me. Main event didn’t do much for me. Hayter’s physicality was good but the match’s psychology was… eh.

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Watched AEW for the first time after almost 2 years just to see the new set. And felt meh. Don't know why but I like the old one better since it is a more distinct and signature look for them. The new set is just full of LED screens like WWE has which I hate.

Red Velvet selling the move when it hasn't connected yet is sh*t.

And yeah Joe losing to Darby is WTF....

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That main event match was absolute junk. Braindead psychology revolving around people going from spot to spot with little idea on how to pace a match and let things breathe and feel more important. It was reckless, too, with that table spot at the end. I bet these wrestlers think they’re “badass” and more “legit” for doing shitty garbage wrestling, too. I hope one day fans and wrestlers alike will realize this kind of wrestling where it’s all about spamming spots is worthless.

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