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The Paige promo sucked because she just listed things she did that weren't impressive. Like you wrestled the Garden and O2 but didn't headline. Britt was right that she built up that division and tons of women are trying to slide in and take her spot and shes still there.

Hope we don't see Paige get seriously hurt.

Was gonna go to Full Gear but im not paying crazy prices for a PPV with matches from Paige and Jarrett in 2022. 

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If Lee doesn't turn heel at Full Gear, then Swerve has to turn on him. You can't be keeping this dynamic going any longer. Swerve literally torturted Billy Gunn for pete's sake! lol You're either for that or you're against that.

Nicely done promo, Joe. I like the conviction and the fact he allowed Tony to hold the mic.

Um, why is Britt cutting a babyface promo? Awful promo. Not right for the match at all. Stop angling these feuds as AEW OG trying to defend AEW against the meanie Outsider. Boo hoo. Wrestlers from other promotions are joining your fed and they weren't there day 1. Who *censored*ing cares? What babies. Get over yourselves.

Solid promo for a nothing match. Ricky making the best out of the situation.

Little short there. lol

I agree you're sick in the head, Moxley. Spending half the match on the floor is sickening.

Moxley is off his game.

Moxley is like Leto's Joker.

I really, really don't want MJF as a babyface.

They've done a poor job building this Moxley/MJF feud. Really poor.

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Quick thoughts, in reverse - 

I don't know/care about Ishii but the main event was fun.

Glad they ditched the interim BS for the womens belt. Can't help but think the women should've had two proper segments though? Let Britt & Hayter have a full promo, then do a standard tag for TayJay vs Willow/Blue. 

Are they really shackling the dull, drab, uninteresting carcasses of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal to The Acclaimed for a program?

Elite vs DT was very fun. But ffs this whole post-brawl out situation has been so unbelievably toxic. The FU chants for both Punk on Saturday and Elite last night were uncalled for in my honest opinion. This is wrestling's equivalent of investing too much in random celebrity drama that has no effect on your life and it's bringing out the worst in everyone.

Glad Starks beat Ethan. The latter offers nothing overly new or interesting to me. Starks needs to get some fire back though, but I'm sure he and Max can duel on the mic.


Orange/Hager was so much fun. It's dumb, but this "I LIKE MY HAT"" gimmick for Hager is genuinely entertaining as hell and meshed with OC's shenanigans so well.

Opening promo was... interesting. I'm kinda curious what happens next? Danielson to ditch Moxley, join with Regal/MJF for a while? Maybe eventually be the one who beats MJF?

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This is what I meant when I said MJF is just gonna do the WWE thing over and over again, it’s not a good look as your world champion 


damn never trust the Devil huh 


someone check his pulse, he might’ve died from that bump 

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AEW has been the drizzle shits for a long time now. They need a wake up call.

Truly got complacent competing against Vince's WWE, and have failed entirely to make any strong changes to compete against Hunter's WWE. 

Full Gear was a fun show...but none of the weekly product has been enticing in a long while.


A few names like MJF and Starks have been doing solid work to boost ratings...but the whole layout of things is a mess. Truly baffling how returns like Kenny and Hangman can mean so little. The booking is just garbage. And now we need to endure bullshit like Jade vs Bow Wow. I swear, the secondary women's title is showcased more than the main one. No one cares about Jade's green ass or her weird c-list celebrity feud. Your actual women's world champion was relegated to a backstage segment with two other women. 

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I share similar opinions to you guys, it's been pretty rough for a LONG time now. The only thing even keeping me watching is MJF and even he has had it rough, no fault of his own mind you.

However I'm holding on because I can't wait to see him and Danielson work together. 

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They have a really solid roster on paper. Plus, they have access to the RoH roster. AND they have the "forbidden door" stuff with a bunch of other promotions. - It's just wild how we end up seeing the same matches over and over, and nothing is really inspired at all. Orange Cassidy with the All Atlantic title is NOTHING. I've never seen a championship used as a more blatant accessory. The FTW title (which is not even officially recognized) is a more prestigious title at this point.

Granted, they're doing this thing where OC nonchalantly defends the belt against whoever challenges him. But that really does nothing to help the situation. You'd think that having a defending champion would mean something...but it all ends up feeling very much like an afterthought. It's honestly the same problem that I have with Jade. It's like...you went out of your way to make secondary titles, so your roster would have something to actively compete for on television...and then you put the belts on people who never actually lose the titles. The entire point of the smaller titles is to have them frequently change hands. - I maintain that Cassidy should have lost the All Atlantic title to Shibata, who could have defended it in NJPW for at least a few months before losing it to Juice Robinson or something. - This would have made the title legitimate in the sense that it is actually an international championship (the entire point of it existing). 

Anyway, I'm ranting now...but, AEW has a lot of fat to cut, and all the potential in the world if they could just figure shit out.


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What’s with Butchers beard? It looks like a fake beard tacked on his face. lol

Absolutely terrific segment between MJF and Ricky. Loved the emotions and most of the verbal material. They got me really excited for their match. Really good job.

Shut up Moxley. You’re talking right now and your wrestling looks fake as shit.

They should’ve made Joe/Darby a full-fledged feud. Their first match should have more weight and build. 

Pretty enjoyable match. Wish there was a bit more selling, though. Felt rushed.

Appreciate Joe being showcased as much as he has lately. Heel Joe is always great.

OC/Kip feud. Ah, riveting stuff.

That “unearthed” Regal video was clunky and unnecessary. I can understand Tony being compelled to tie up loose ends, but that segment came across as a bad plot device trying recon stuff rather than something that would naturally happen.

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Does anyone actually like the Elite’s new theme?

Please be short. Please be short.

Two (Warner) commercials using Take on Me. lol

This ref distraction shit is so stupid. I can’t believe some ppl are cool with this shit. It’s so insulting to the fans’ intelligence.

This crowd sounds small.

Really nice closing line to that promo.

Those are new tag belts?

Superb Ricky promo.

Ending to MJF/Ricky was a bit anti-climatic but the rest of the match was really solid and enjoyable.

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Hangman's promo was so dope. Dude is such a natural face.

I keep blissfully forgetting Jeff Jarrett is a thing and any time he shows up I get a rude awakening. I hope they get this feud over with.

I liked Ruby vs Tay a lot.

MJF should never take a powerbomb again lol. Overall match was really good though, so were both solo promos.

Solid Dynamite.

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7 minutes ago, Lunchbox said:

Find it weird as hell the Dark Order was insanely popular and the only thing Tony could think to do with them was to break them apart slowly. 

Said it once...I'll say it a million times. Tony is actually a godawful booker. He has what should be a great roster. Wastes about 60% of it to just keep focusing on the same handful of people.

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