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Fun lil Dynamite


FTR vs Swerve in Our Glory slapped

Hayter vs Riho was fun and it looks like Hayter gets next on Storm

Claudio looking like a beast

Guevara and Danielson being a great reminder of how damn good Sammy is

Taz making some really, really great analytical calls and stepping into play-by-play territory a bit


The Firm at the end, agreed with PTW I don't care about this group at all and they're distracting from the MJF story more than adding to it


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I hope Tony isn’t listening to Jericho. MJF needs to stay heel.

It’s too bad that in order to keep MJF heel, there needs to be a swerve and that all of this was a ruse. Which is very uncreative because they just pulled that shit with Garcia and Hayter. They so bungled this program from whatever angle you look at it. It’s sucks that bad creative is affecting MJF again. Gee, I wonder why that would be?

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MJF turning face is fine, IMO. The guy is naturally agreeable in whatever role he plays. - The real problem is that nobody gives a soggy shit about Hathaway or his stable of jobbers.

If the threat to MJF and Moxley was a more legitimate one, then things would be working out much better. So, again...I don't think there's anything wrong with the idea of MJF turning face. It's not an inherently bad idea. I don't know what role (if any) Jericho has had in that decision...(I don't think management should be listening to Jericho in any sense, tbh). But, an MJF face turn has plenty of potential in a better setting. - As it stands, I don't think MJF is a face anyway. He's turning into more of a "heel with a code of honor". I think he's still going to be an ass along the way. Such is his character.

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Really haven’t been feeling the shows. Stopped watching Rampage a month ago, and I still haven’t finished Dynamite from last week. Desperately need the Elite to come back, Adam Cole & some other guys to get my interest reignited again. 

I also would like a visual reset for the show. Everything just looks so damn dark and boring. 

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