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No one wants this Smart Mark guy here. Aside from that, nice segment. Swerve and Acclaimed were good. Still hoping Lee turns.

DQ him.

Page totally no sold that piledriver. What a joke.

Page hasn’t beaten Punk. 🙂

Good call not giving Page much mic time. The guy would have tanked that segment and make it awkward.

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Like thinking about it though the amount of dudes in AEW that WWE said shouldn't be wrestling is kinda wild. Joe hasn't been around cause he still hurt, Bryan has suffered a concussion since he got to AEW and now they are building to Paige wrestling who's back is so messed up that a minor kick took her out for years. After remembering the handing of Matt Hardy when he got hurt and how they ignored Jeff Hardy's drug problems Khan has zero idea what hes doing when it comes to  wrestlers saftey.

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Admittedly it's worked out better than I thought it would for Sting (although there was recent table bump he took that made me winced...), but I think she'll be wrestling a bit more than he has and a number of the talent she'll be facing are a lot greener than the talent Sting has faced, so... there's some concern to say the least... I hope it goes well for her, though.

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