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Guest Fight Me.

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Because it adds context and drama? The amount of quality interviews or backstage promos that have been relegated to their YouTube channels or twitter is shameful. They should be on the show, drop the nonsensical thrown together matches and try and actually build characters and rivalries. It's something that is severally lacking from AEWs production because "meh it's a great match, who cares"

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Jericho getting a lot of screen time tonight.

Oh great, this awful novelty act. This dude is embarrassing. He can’t even do the stereotypical Italian accent right.

+25 mins for JAS already. Must be nice.

Danielson shouldn’t be going around 8 mins against a JAS lackey. Ppl wonder where the time goes. This is where. Matches that last unnecessarily too long.

Hmm, Juice can’t do serious based on that snippet. I don’t buy it.

Oh man, Yuta is going to get annihilated.

Hahaha. Glad MJF is getting the response he deserves.

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MJF is absolute gold. Easily the most enjoyable part of this show now.

The censors sure have gotten to AEW, heh.

Boy, this is the JAS/BCC show.

Welp. There’s the Mox blood.

Most of the match has been on the floor at this point. So ridiculous.

This crowd is not into this match. Who would have thought?

Hey Page, slander Mox, you’ll probably get the belt if you do that.

So uh… are you fighting or not??

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this segment was so bad, Saraya explained absolutely nothing meaning she probably won’t wrestle as expected 


plus she makes Madison Rayne useless if she’s just making calls and shit 

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I’m not surprised now why some of these talents were released by the other company, they don’t know how to carry themselves as grown professional men. 

i was not expecting MJF and Yuta to put on a banger wtf 

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