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Taz1096’s Wrestlezone - Ruthless Aggression Session

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Taz1096's WrestleZone

New Wrestlers

Zach Gowen  and Johnny Stamboli have been uploaded to my Taz1096 account

Nick Dinsmore has been uploaded to an alternate account ‘Bones_R_Plenty’


New Attires

Rikishi 2003 Shirt Attire and Mark Henry 2003 Attire’s uploaded to my Taz1096 account


 I’ll be updating this post to include screenshots and tags soon! Again, all have been uploaded so check them out now if interested!

(Generico and Steen have been removed since their release In the INDPSpirit packs. Claudio is still up as his 3rd and 4th may still be useful to some)

Edited by Taz1096

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I know someone has already made the Heart Throbs on CC, I could have a look at making The Dicks at some point though. One of them won the OVW championship at some point I think? 

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