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Requests logos for these Shows, Championships and PPVS

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A. The logos for these shows:

  1. Dangerous Empire
  2. Dangerous Lair
  3. Dangerous Hive
  4. Dangerous Homeland
  5. Dangerous Kingdom
  6. Dangerous Queendom

B. I need help with logos for these PPVs:

  1. Down with your Pride,
  2. Price of your Paranoia,
  3. No Paradise Here,
  4. Tribulation Chamber,
  5. Raging Riots,
  6. Rednecks Rumble,
  7. Hillbillies’ Heroes,
  8. Hicks’ Hollow,
  9. Gambit of Glory,
  10. Countdown Curse,


C. I need help with these Match type Championships:

  1. Ambulance Championship 
  2. Asylum Championship
  3. Chairs Championship
  4. Championship Scramble
  5. Dumpster Championship
  6. Elimination Chamber 
  7. Fatal Four Way Championship
  8. First Blood Championship
  9. Inferno Championship
  10. I Quit Championship
  11. Ladders Championship
  12. Lumber Jack Championship
  13. Lumber Jill Championship
  14. Prison Championship
  15. Punjabi Prison Championship
  16. Shark Cage Championship
  17. Slobber Knocker Championship
  18. Steel Cage Championship
  19. Street Fight Championship
  20. Special Referee Championship
  21. Tables Championship
  22. Triple Threat Championship



D. Internet Championship:

Front Plate: Computer Screen.

Sides plates: Mouse, Keyboard, Tower.


E. TV Championship:

Front Plate: TV Screen

Side Plates: TV Remotes.


F. Tri-state Championship:

Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia.

1. Ohio as the main Plate with the Right side plate is West Virginia and the Left Plate is Kentucky.

2. Kentucky as the Main Plate with the Right side is Ohio and the Left Plate is West Virginia.

3. West Virginia is the main plate with the right side plate is West Virginia and the Left side Plate is Ohio.

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