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23 hours ago, KingKhan18 said:


Haven't watched WWE in a billion years but from what I have seen of him and Keith Lee, both caws look great. I'm happy you're back! 

Haha let's not make any official announcements.

Yeah I haven't watched much wrestling in some time. I figured I'd try out a few of my faves. WALTER is such a beast, Lee I've always been a fan of, and  Dexter's character work commitment is captivating.

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Roosters was very good, better than what I could do certainly. I could still give it a try myself of course, but I'd still love to see you try it, it's amazing how dead on your caws can get. A while ago I followed your formula for Anarky from Arkham Origins, and that one blew me away. It looked almost one to one with the actual character.

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