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21 minutes ago, The Nerd said:

I usually don’t like to be overly negative but I have to know, can Keith Lee be salvaged? Is it pass the point of no return? 

depends on what you mean. he seems to be in line for a push but as usual, they took away a lot of the shit that got him over in the first place and saddled him with that stinky ass attire.


somebody mentioned the history between Seth and Big E and it confused me. i totally forgot about NXT.


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Guest Fight Me.

Petey Williams should be Cruiserweight champ and make it red. 😤😤😤

Crazy, he was still working Impact recently. Same thing happened with Daivari not too long ago.

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Speaking of "that other promotion"

On reddit someone pointed out that Dave Meltzer have rated 101 dynamite matches from AEW 4 stars or higher so far..

With this weeks show being the 108th show, it means that close to every Dynamite show has had at least 1 match rated 4 stars or more..

That's insanely generous of Meltzer...

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society has moved past the need for Meltzer ratings. he’s human and naturally has his biases and preferences so it sucks that he’s such a pillar of wrestling discourse but we don’t have to boost his opinions so much. if you like a match, you like a match.

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