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Jeb ★

WWE Show Discussion

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WWE needs to STOP with the hair dryer piped in cheers! So *censored*ing annoying!!

Oh and STOP with the roll up pins! Jesus Christ!

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On 10/9/2021 at 8:11 PM, Fight Me. said:



Credit: pwinsider

Bryan Danielson vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling's Minoru Suzuki was just announced for this Friday's AEW Rampage Buy In, which will stream live on YouTube. 

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19 hours ago, Fight Me. said:


Johnny Ace brought us back to the Divas division in record time.

Has Johnny anything to do with the Booking?
Thats new to me...but however is to blame for having a QOTR tournament and then have for matches who all have less than 5 minutes of match time...should be fired on the spot.

10 hours ago, A->CP10 said:

So they will have Jinder Mahal beat Finn Balor in Saudi Arabia, won't they?

Dont Hinder Jinder lads, its the Maharajas Time...he will take his rightfull place as king.XD
No seriously, what the hell are they doing here?
Dont you dare to throw Jinder into the Finals when you have Xavier as potential KOTR there.
That man would do far more with such a win than Jinder.

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