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So, what is the general feeling on Dakota Kai regarding Damage Ctrl's current state? Does she stays with Bayley or with Iyo? Because I've been seeing a lot of people saying she will betray Bayley too, that is all a masterplan to have her be the new leader and whatnot. And here I'm sitting thinking that the new Bayley-less Damage Ctrl doesn't need or want a non-asian leader, and that Dakota staying with them would make it a 4 on 1 feud.

I think she sides with Bayley and Naomi eventually joins them for a future 3 vs 3 match/feud.

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I don't think it even matters a whole lot what Dakota does. Damage CTRL was a lot of fun, and it's basically finished now. - If she stays with them, it still won't feel like Damage CTRL without Bayley. It feels like the Iyo/Asuka/Sane stable should be its own thing...and Dakota doesn't really fit in with that dynamic if Bayley is gone anyway. - My gut wrestling instinct is that Dakota has always been shady, and she's still shady, and she will probably cost Bayley the title at Mania. But...maybe that makes it more interesting for her NOT to do that. Sometimes, remaining a face when everyone thinks you will turn heel is the bigger shock. So...that might be what we're booking here.

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There is so much filler on WWE. Gottdamn. 

It's been an hour and a half, I think there have been like three predictable matches...


The promos are good and whatever, but I just watched a 64 minute roller coaster on NJPW yesterday (among other great matches). It hasn't been easy to go from that to nonstop talk segments.

I am sleeping.

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