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I’m for the Lesnar match and feud since I think both will do superb work. The beatdown was a bit excessive, though. Really don’t like how none of the  wrestlers (KO, Sami?) tried to help Cody.

And yes, I’m still bummed Cody isn’t champ. This RAW did not make me feel any better about that at all. Looks like Roman spins his wheels while he ostracizes the Usos. Sounds pretty redundant to me...

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WM 28 - John Cena fails to defeat The Rock, gets beat up by Brock Lesnar the Raw after
WM 29 - John Cena defeats The Rock

WM 39 - Cody Rhodes fails to defeat Roman Reigns, gets beat up by Brock Lesnar the Raw after

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Puh, what a awful Raw Episode after a WM Main Event that left many rather dissapointed.

That, the whole Endeavor thing and Vince being allegedly involved with creative but not in Gorilla...left many worried, and this Raw gave new Ammunition to this.

Especially if you go with the Rumors that Vince was in Gorilla and that the script had several changes etc.

Bad Bunny was good, i start to like the guy a lot i have to say.
Lesnar beatdown is always cool...but you could see this miles away coming.

Thats it, the rest was absolutely Generic.

Which would be bad enough for a Normal Raw...but Raw after WM? This was garbage.
And i dont care what fanboys say, if i am not allowed to expect huge changes and new directions etc from WM or Raw after WM...when am i allowed to expect that then? Never?

Nope, i will not lower my expectations...its the WWEs job to exceed my expectations.
If not with Debuts, call ups etc...then with good matches and storytelling, which this Raw didnt deliver at all.

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Vince is back and worse than *censored*ing ever! 

24 hrs after one of the best WMs in years, and that was the best they could come up with? A generic Raw?! 

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