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28 minutes ago, Generations said:

Was a pretty good Raw, I thought. I didn't feel like I struggled to get through it at all. 

Io and LaRae have TERRIBLE chemistry, and that match was an absolute chore to watch. Otherwise, pretty fun show.

It’s crazy because you would think on paper that Io and Candice would have insane chemistry. Io in general hasn’t been anything special to watch on the main roster and she’s my favorite wrestler in the world so it sucks to admit. She doesn’t wrestle like the Stardom ace who was head and shoulders above every woman in Japan for years. I don’t know what’s going on with her.

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They should’ve never gone supernatural with him. The ‘Red State’-esque maniacal televangelist meets Manson family gimmick was really his bread and butter. The Fiend gimmick sold a shit ton of merch but I can’t remember a good match to come from that version of him. I’m convinced even I would sell a shit ton of merch if in the WWE system. Lol

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Roster switches


PWInsider.com can exclusively confirm that Maximum Male Models, Maxine Dupri aa wel as Los Lotharios, Angel and Humberto have all been shifted to the Raw brand

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